And it cost…

To change a headlight bulb cost the grand total of £38.62 including VAT, from the official price list for servicing that Ford give them. The girl in the service department said that both the new Mondeo and the new Fiesta have similar problems.

Incidentally, my worry over cheap Ford plastics that led me not to want to force the grille seems well founded, as the front grille is noticeably not as secure as it once was. It seems to me that in an ideal world, the better way to do it would be to remove the battery and the tray and not the headlight (as that would probably have been how it was put together), however by doing that you run into all sorts of problems with the security systems and the Engine Management System, both of which would be affected by disconnecting the battery.

Why is it that Ford can’t make a car now that has a bulb that the owner can change?!?

Anyway, after about an hour sitting around at Reg Vardy having the bulb done, I went down to Basingstoke to test drive a new Skoda Octavia, an all together more pleasurable experience. I test drove both their 1.9TD, and the 140bhp 6-speed 2.0TD. I have to say that the 2.0TD has a pretty frightening amount of power, enough that I’d probably end up wrapped around a tree at some point. The 1.9TD seems perfectly adequate for the kind of mixed driving with occasional long motorway runs that I do.

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  1. Hi FYI, some help for you Focus owners, from Bracknell, UK. I changed upgraded my 2002 Focus Ghia TDCI headlight bulbs a couple of times myself . You have to take off the lower engine cover . You have to jack the car up for this and remove the nine Torx30 self tap screws. Then remove / drop the thick plastic engine cover. Up in the front corner of each wing is the LOWER self tap 10mm bolt this is the THIRD BOLT on each headlight assy. you cannot reach from the top / engine compartment. On the grill remove the two threaded 10mm bolts here lhs. & rhs of the grill, then just waggle the grill carefully, removing plastic clips remove partially. Then the headlight assy. will just pop out! As I am going to this trouble of bulb replacement ( I have only fitted headlights bulbs twice ) I change the oil and filter at the same time, ( around 6.5K from last service and 6.5K from next. I have been doing this since I got the car a few months old with 5K on the clock – oil, filter. It’snow done 70.000 miles and is going as sweet as a nut ! ALWAYS USE A QUALITY OIL DON’T COMPRIMISE, I did all the above yesterday Sunday13-11-05, headlight bulbs, oil, filter..

    I did the same oil/filter change procedure with the previous car Fiesta 1.4 ghia, zetec petrol engine, same result sweet as a nut!

    Also on the Focus, at 45K I upgraded all the tyres from p6000 to Michelin Energy – better tyre ( mileage ) at only GBP7 extra per tyre more ! I would recommend this upgrade also. Hope this helps best regards Graham ( Computer Engineer )

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