Update on the Submarine

We had further news about the Canadian submarine bought second hand from the Royal Navy. Whereas my previous posting was pretty lighthearted, overnight things have got rather more serious. The rescue teams have reached the stranded sub, and airlifted the injured, one of which has subsequently died. An attempt is going to be made to tow the submarine back to Scotland, but seas are currently rough. The crew have no power as they can’t get the engine started.

In addition, the news item this morning had more detail about the deal, whereby the Canadians were buying four second hand submarines from the UK, however only this one has been delivered, as the other three are still in dock suffering from technical difficulties.

It is worth saying that there is a joke in Canada that there are more submarines in the West Edmonton Mall than there are in the Canadian Navy. Whether buying a job lot of second hand submarines from the UK, that have been mothballed for ten years, and which can’t even make it more than a few hundred miles before breaking down is going to change that I don’t know, but it doesn’t overly help matters. Of course one has to wonder quite what the UK were doing letting one of the submarines go when there were known problems with the other three.

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  1. You lot sold us a pup!! That’s all there is to it :PpPpPpPpPp …. OK, so my British hubby is giving me lots of grief about it and making lots of jokes…like, ‘you Canadians..we’re always getting you out of scrapes’ but I know that *you’d* NEVER do that to *your* resident Canadian, would you now, Richard? WOULD YOU NOW, RICHARD???? But at least Britain is at long last covering a bit of Canajun news and that’s a rare thing!

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