Here We Go Again…

I’ve avoided commenting too much on the upcoming US election, however the news today that 58,000 postal ballots have been lost in Florida, especially when you realise that the county from which they were lost, Broward County, north of Miami, just happens to be the place that returned the biggest majority for Al Gore in the 2000 election. It puts further question marks over the wisdom of having people who publically favour one candidate running the election. In Florida the person in charge is a known Republican, and the company that produces the electronic voting machines gives money to the Republicans!

Of course it could be entirely coincidental!

Garry has been blogging about another strange event in the election, the blocking of the Bush website to non-Americans but he also finishes with an interesting comment, backed by readers of Radio Times, that Jed Bartlet would make a better President (although he came second to Homer Simpson in the poll!). What I found more interesting about the Radio Times article is that in a poll of the real candidates, George W Bush comes a distant third behind John Kerry and Ralph Nader, backing the general opinion that Bush is considerably less popular outside the US than he appears to be inside the country. This leads me to wonder why it is that there is such a difference. Having said that, watching the current BBC series The Power of Nightmares and seeing some of the ways that American Neo-Conservatives of the past manipulated the US population through the media, it is not very difficult to believe that they are being manipulated through the media in a way that we don’t see over here. A list of sites hosting recordings of the series can be found here.

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