Spam Handling on the Weblog

After a week where we’ve been daily getting 20-30 spam comments to the weblog that I had to delete, I had another look around the available options for handling them. Whilst the comments weren’t getting through to the site, to some extent I was getting cheesed off with having to waste the time to moderate them.

Anyway, I’ve added two plug-in’s to the software behind the scenes Kitten’s Spam Words that looks at any messages I moderate for common features to identify spam, and adds them to the list of patterns to look out for, and also Three Strikes which uses the list of common features and a couple of other tell tail signs, and will rate a comment as spam if it fails three of the tests. Any item that is identified as spam is deleted instantly, hence I don’t need to do anything to get rid of it.

One side effect is that when commenting, it may be possible that your comment could be identified as spam and thrown out, although avoiding the subjects of viagra, online poker and debt consolidation should ensure that your comments get through. You’ll know if the comment has been rejected, as you’ll end up on the website of a certain well known law enforcement agency!

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  1. Cool. It works – I just posted a comment mentioning a particular organ enhancement product, and got redirect to a job application on a government website. Nice!

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