Church of Fools Reopens (Sort Of)

You may have noticed the link on the sidebar to Church of Fools. This is the site of a project undertaken by the Methodist Church in colaboration with the Ship Of Fools website to create a virtual church.

Whilst other high profile projects such as I-Church have taken an online church as primarily being a faith community, Church of Fools took the more commonly accepted meaning of the word, and literally created a virtual Church. The site ran very successfully for several months during last summer, even recieving national news coverage, however with the massive resources needed to keep the virtual church running, the experiment came to an end in the autumn. Since then there have been discussion forums, plus a campaign to raise resources to allow the multi-user environment to be reopened.

Whilst Church of Fools Mark 2 is still to come, the site has reopened the original Church as a single user environment, so people can explore the church, sing a hymn or ring the bells. There are also videos, and the text from the sermons of some of the well known people who preached at the church during the experiment.

Church of Fools

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