Is the Church Failing Youth?

In amongst all of the Jerry Springer stuff in the media over the past few days, the Church of England has published it’s provisional attendance figures for 2003.

There is much to be pleased about, the headlines being that in overall terms church attendance has gone up.

The main concern though, is that in the age breakdown section it is clear that there has been a drop in youth attendance. This of course raises the question over why if the Church overall is growing, the Youth figures are falling. Whilst it could be explained away by falling birthrates, is there a warning in the figures for those of us who work with young people in the Church?

Other items of interest in the figures are an aparent swing from child baptism towards a service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child. There is also a swing from marriage blessings towards actual weddings.

Also of interest to may be the recent YouGov survey on UK religious attitudes.

One thought on “Is the Church Failing Youth?”

  1. Thanks Richard, you picked up on these stats even before I knew they were out! Much appreciated. I will do some reading and thinking on this especially as last years saw the first increase for young people in a LOT of years but was does that mean now? Youthblog

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