Sea of Souls Spooks Us Out

Tonight we finally got round to watching the first two episodes of the new series of Sea of Souls. It launched last year, being described as the British X-Files. Having said that, it is a rather different show.

The show revolves around Dr Douglas Monaghan played by Bill Patterson, who is head of the parapsychology unit at Clyde University, and follows his research into the unexplained. As with the first series last year, the series is split into six episodes, with three separate stories (so it is possible to pick up at either episode three or five with no problem). From the previews, each story again seems very different from the last.

The first story this year had two cases running in parallel. The first involved what appeared to be poltergeist activity affecting a wealthy family who owned a chain of coffee shops, whilst the second was a woman searching for her boyfriend, who had mysteriously vanished from within a locked flat on the top floor of a block.

Unlike X-Files, the team are generally believable as researchers, and are generally skeptical about what is going on until they have evidence. The show is also primarily interested in exploring examples of real cases, so no chance of long winded alien conspiracies in this one!

The first two episodes were real edge of the seat stuff in places, and behind the sofa in others, with a couple of decidedly spooky moments in both of the ongoing plots. All the stories are very well written, by limiting themselves to only six episodes in a series, the BBC seem to be concentrating on producing a small number of quality episodes, rather than churning out a large number of poor episodes between the gems as X-Files tended to do.

If you haven’t caught any of this series yet, the next episode is on Saturday night on BBC1. If you want to experience the first series, it comes out on DVD at the end of this month. Both are highly recommended.

Sea Of Souls - Series 1 [2003]Sea Of Souls - Series 2

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