24 Returns

The build up to the new series of 24, which will air on Sky on 30th January, has begun.

On Thursday, Sky showed the 6 minute prequel that US viewers got on the region 1 version of the season 3 box set. The prequel does not include any footage from the new series, but instead sets the scene for the new series, where Jack’s situation is somewhat different from before… If, like many, you missed the showing on Sky, the US version of the prequel can be found here.

The US prequel also highlights another big difference about 24 this time around, at least in the US. The series now has enough clout to break the usual way of showing series on US TV where you get a few shows, then a few weeks of repeats, then more new episodes. This time around the US networks are showing the series straight through, as we get it in the UK, and they are running less than a month ahead of us. Hopefully this will mean less spoilers for UK viewers this time around!

If you want to catch up with the previous seasons, they are all available from Amazon, including a box set of all three.

24: Series 124: Series 224: Series 324: Series 1 - 3 [2002]

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