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Had it not been for Prince Harry’s choice of fancy dress which has dominated the papers for several days already, Jerry Springer would probably have been the top question on Question Time. Certainly the debate represented the division of opinion and questions it’s showing has raised.

There are a couple more articles on the subject that have caught my attention. Firstly Steve Tomkins discusses ‘God v The BBC’ at Ship of Fools, and also highlights the special status that the BBC especially holds in the national mind, hence why the fuss may not have been as much if it were shown on ITV.

The second article is by Mark Thomas who you may know from his Channel 4 shows. For those who haven’t seen him, he is somewhat difficult to pigeon-hole, in that he is regarded as a comedian, but his subjects are always serious. He campaigns on subjects as diverse as the use of sweatshops to produce goods for western markets, to making people aware of their rights under the Data Protection Act. Certainly a number of his campaigns mirror those of a number of Christian organisations, being firmly grounded in ethical issues, in fighting poverty, and human rights.

Having said that, it is worth saying that he is very much an atheist, and really doesn’t like evangelical Christians, so this is reflected in the article, however it does wrap up in sarcasm some important points about what some parts of the Bible actually say: “The Bible is littered with dysfunctional families portrayed as role models that at best should feature on Trisha and at worst be sectioned.” The title of the article also makes it clear what it contains, so, if you’d like to, the Mark Thomas take on Jerry Springer and the Christian reaction can be found under Mark Thomas writes a column offensive to Christians at the New Statesman site. (Note that you may hit problems with the New Statesman subscription system that stops you trying to read their content after an initial preview. If you haven’t used their site before you should be able to get to see the article, if not it will appear on the main Mark Thomas site shortly.)

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