How was Black Monday for you?

Since according to a tutor at Cardiff University, January 24th is the most depressing day of the year. The winter weather, coupled with Christmas high wearing off, and the bills coming in, without the prospect of an impending holiday, all combine to the general down feeling. As a number of people have mentioned it to me today, I thought I’d look at whether Black Monday really was so Black!

Firstly, the weather wasn’t particularly lousy. Although it was cold, it was bright for a lot of the day. The snowfall didn’t appear, aside from a couple of quick sleet showers, and the temperature is still above freezing even now. Actually, weather-wise I did have a first. When I got to the car this morning, there was a single perfect snowflake sat on the edge of the roof, where I could clearly see the hexagonal structure. Whilst I’d seen pictures of snowflakes in books, I’ve never seen an example like that for myself, especially not sat on it’s own.

Anyway, work was much the same as usual, although at lunchtime, the topic of conversation was Black Monday, which then got on to living in Australia. Two of the people on my team have worked down under, both loved it, but for various reasons came back to the UK, but if circumstances were right would like to go back.

Outside work, one potential source of blackness was the car. The Golf has what is described as a long life service pattern. Basically the car decides when it needs a service based on various factors, and sticks up a service indicator at some point between 9,000 and 20,000 miles. I’ve done just over 8,000 and got a service required in 1,400 miles yesterday. I phoned the garage, who are able to take it in on Saturday to check it out, but she said that it shouldn’t require a service until much nearer 20,000, and that they’d check out the computer for a problem, rather than just do a service. Fingers crossed, all of that will come under the warranty if it is a fault. Having said that, thus far the Golf has done 8000 miles without having gone in for anything – by this point both the Focus, and the Fiesta I had before that had been in with engine problems (which on the Focus have never been properly resolved).

Also tonight, I had the first of two PCC (Church council) meetings this week. This was the regular meeting tonight, which went fairly well, and unlike some I didn’t leave feeling generally frustrated that we got bogged down.

So, was it a black day? From my point of view it was pretty much a normal day, with ups and downs. However, if you’ve seen the news from Twyford, and when you realise that Peter Bohn, the man involved has worked as caretaker at the school where Beth works for 27 years, you’ll see that Beth’s day was somewhat different. As with anything like this, the usual school day changes dramatically the school tried to come to terms with what had happened.

So I guess, like most things, whether Black Monday was the worst day of the year, is really just subjective. Certainly, I doubt life can be summed up in the equation proposed by the tutor in Cardiff!

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