Parish Clearing Party

Here is a picture of the result of a Saturday morning of work by a group of people from the Church.

Cleared area

The undergrowth has been cleared between the path and the brick shed to enable us to start work on the memorial garden for Rev Sheila, which has been discussed since last summer. We spent most of the time hauling the branches and bits of shrub that others cut off, although several had to be cut into smaller bits as they were a bit large, and a number of big branches ended up going home as logs for people with an open fire!

It was also all done by hand, as since we had a quiet day from St Michael’s Easthampstead who had booked the Parish Centre, we had avoided using a chainsaw, which meant the whole process was somewhat slower. Aside from popping in to make coffee when we were done, and using the toilets, we tried not to disturb them. Having said that we still had several complaints about how noisy we’d been, to the point that our treasurer who was helping with the clearing said he’d refund them the donation they made for the use of the building! (We’re not allowed to rent out the hall, however other Church groups are allowed to use the hall and are asked to make a donation.) The problem of course is that because of our location, the hall is very popular for away days and quiet days and the like, so whichever Saturday morning we selected, we would have clashed with somebody. We were all gone by about 12 o’clock as well.

Anyway, aside from the hassle from the people using the Parish Centre, we did a pretty good job with the clearing. Removing the undergrowth has allowed more light through, and also gives a much better view of the tower. Hopefully the garden will end up as a nice place to sit for people using the Church and hall.

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