Unbelieveable Statements

I just came across this article on the Ekklesia news feed, and on first reading was open mouthed with amazement at the comparison of campaigners for Women Bishops with the IRA!

As the article says, this was originally reported in the Guardian, so quite how this will be percieved in the wider world I don’t know, although it is worth noting that since there are large numbers of people who attend Church of England Churches who aren’t aware that there are parts of the Church where women priests aren’t welcome, Reform coming out with a statement such as this may be regarded at the very least as a bit odd.

One interesting side note, in the article the Archdeacon of Lewisham,
Rev Christine Hardman, mentions The Da Vinci Code, and the effect it’s publishing has had, specifically Dan Brown’s claims over it’s truth. Certainly I have come across people who have read, and been convinced. Of course anyone who watched the recent Channel 4 documentary will be aware that the claims of truth are somewhat shaky with key parts of the evidence being admitted to be a hoax, however with a large number of people having taken on board the themes of the book, specifically the supression of womens role in the Church, it does provide an interesting lens through which many people will be viewing the attitude of Reform in the current debate.

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