Waiting at an Airport

Every time I’m waiting around at an airport now I’m reminded of the 2003 movie Love Actually which opens with a montage of images of real people meeting at arrivals at Heathrow, and it was no different this weekend when we went up to the airport to pick up our house guest.

Terminal 3 was, as always, incredibly busy, and still just as bad as it has been ever since BAA reduced the size of the arrivals area to provide some additional shops just before the door. Being a Saturday, and at this time of year, there was a real mix of family reunions, what looked like backpacking gap year students coming home, tourists – all sorts. One person that caught our eye was a young guy with a massive bunch of roses. (We also noticed that there was now a handy M&S store in arrivals, complete with flowers on sale if you ever find yourself at Heathrow in a similar situation!) He actually stood around for a long while, stood in a position to see all the way up the ramp back to customs, until the recipient of the flowers appeared, having finally made it through the slow process of customs and baggage reclaim in T3! Anyway, we’ll be back there next week as our house guest is off over to Dublin for a few days next week, although T1 and T2 arrivals are not quite the same as T3.

Quiet Time on the Blog

Apologies if things on the blog are a bit quiet at the moment, and continue to be. For the next week or so we have a house guest over from Canada, which does mean that our spare bedroom becomes a guest bedroom despite the large amounts of computer equipment that usually fill it up.

Last week was trying to get it to a point where there wasn’t anything stored on the sofa-bed, for this week we have the guest staying, and then next week, I hope I’m off on a course, which should fill in some of the gaps in what I’ve picked up from my C# books. The other nice thing about the course being held in London, is that I’ll be able to get along to the upcoming London Geek Dinner with Dave. We’re at positions 68 and 69 on the attendee list, having signed up when the attendance was limited to 70. It looks like we’re probably taking over the whole restaurant now. There is a real mixed bag, including some pretty well known names to those of you who read industry publications, or the techie blogs. It is being organised by Hugh MacLeod and Robert Scoble (christened by his wife as Microsoft’s Chief Blabbing Officer!)

Anyway, should be fun, and hopefully I’ll have some stuff to blog about when I get back from that!

BBC Give Some Ground

After a couple of weeks of giving out explanations of perspective – and totally missing the point, the BBC have altered the angle at which the UK is viewed in their forecasts.

Before and After

However, since the online service shows perfectly well that they can address a number of the other issues, including those of people with colour blindness being unable to distinguish the brown shades (and even without being colour blind I have problems with the new wind arrows!) I suspect that the discussion is not yet over!

FINALLY, Italy photos are up…

I know, I know, I went to Italy almost 7 weeks ago now, but I finaly managed to get them all captioned and enhanced and doo-dahed, so now they are ready for viewing!! Check out the link on the right side of the page: Italy Trip Easter 2005 under the School heading. There are a few places where I couldn’t remember what I had been looking at, so if anyone can tell me, please drop me a line! And although it was a lot of hard work, it was a great trip as well (well, maybe not day 3 in Rome when it rained ALL DAY…) and I’d really like to go back (minus the 72 children…).

Anyway, enjoy!

Eurovision Results

So in a break with tradition, the bookies favourite has won Eurovision. After a slow start, Greece came through for a convincing win.

What is somewhat more interesting is the rout of the old Europe that started with Ireland failing to qualify for the first time ever on Thursday continued with the bottom four tonight being Germany, France, the UK and Spain. What is interesting is that those four are also the four countries that provide the largest contributions to the running of the contest, and therefore are not required to qualify next year. Having said that, the presenter of the BBC Eurovision behind the scenes show after the main competition made a rather pointed comment speculating that if the countries that pay for the show don’t get many votes, they’ll lose interest and not bother supporting future contests!

Political voting was in evidence as always, which is maybe why we did quite so badly. The Balkans especially all voting for each other. Having said that, the island nations – UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus all provided votes for each other, so I guess there is a little voting block going on there too. There were one or two surprises though, with Monaco, usually a reliable source of votes for France failing to give it any points at all. However maybe that is a comment on the ongoing attempts of France to end Monaco’s position as a tax haven.

Wig Wam

In the Peat household the winning Greek song was not a favourite, we thought that the Maltese song that came second was a lot better. The second favourite with the bookies, Norway, were well down, despite a quite amazing glam rock look that has to be seen to be believed. However, one of the biggest worries was that enough people in the UK voted for the Moldovan granny to get her 2 points from the UK televote!