Eurovision Results

So in a break with tradition, the bookies favourite has won Eurovision. After a slow start, Greece came through for a convincing win.

What is somewhat more interesting is the rout of the old Europe that started with Ireland failing to qualify for the first time ever on Thursday continued with the bottom four tonight being Germany, France, the UK and Spain. What is interesting is that those four are also the four countries that provide the largest contributions to the running of the contest, and therefore are not required to qualify next year. Having said that, the presenter of the BBC Eurovision behind the scenes show after the main competition made a rather pointed comment speculating that if the countries that pay for the show don’t get many votes, they’ll lose interest and not bother supporting future contests!

Political voting was in evidence as always, which is maybe why we did quite so badly. The Balkans especially all voting for each other. Having said that, the island nations – UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus all provided votes for each other, so I guess there is a little voting block going on there too. There were one or two surprises though, with Monaco, usually a reliable source of votes for France failing to give it any points at all. However maybe that is a comment on the ongoing attempts of France to end Monaco’s position as a tax haven.

Wig Wam

In the Peat household the winning Greek song was not a favourite, we thought that the Maltese song that came second was a lot better. The second favourite with the bookies, Norway, were well down, despite a quite amazing glam rock look that has to be seen to be believed. However, one of the biggest worries was that enough people in the UK voted for the Moldovan granny to get her 2 points from the UK televote!

2 thoughts on “Eurovision Results”

  1. I voted for Greece and Israel … because they were both babes! Believe me I wasn’t listening to the music, I just wanted to see those kittens move. The Eurovision is soft-porn !!!!

    If you wanted a good song to win then should’ve voted for Malta.

    Terry’s comments is what I watch every year for. He had me in tears of laughter.

    What was Granny with the Drum all about ?

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