Waiting at an Airport

Every time I’m waiting around at an airport now I’m reminded of the 2003 movie Love Actually which opens with a montage of images of real people meeting at arrivals at Heathrow, and it was no different this weekend when we went up to the airport to pick up our house guest.

Terminal 3 was, as always, incredibly busy, and still just as bad as it has been ever since BAA reduced the size of the arrivals area to provide some additional shops just before the door. Being a Saturday, and at this time of year, there was a real mix of family reunions, what looked like backpacking gap year students coming home, tourists – all sorts. One person that caught our eye was a young guy with a massive bunch of roses. (We also noticed that there was now a handy M&S store in arrivals, complete with flowers on sale if you ever find yourself at Heathrow in a similar situation!) He actually stood around for a long while, stood in a position to see all the way up the ramp back to customs, until the recipient of the flowers appeared, having finally made it through the slow process of customs and baggage reclaim in T3! Anyway, we’ll be back there next week as our house guest is off over to Dublin for a few days next week, although T1 and T2 arrivals are not quite the same as T3.

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