New Phone

After a few weeks delay after O2 got in stock with revised firmware, my new phone, a free upgrade thanks to the size of the bills has arrived. It actually made it to the house on Thursday, but we were only able to get in to Reading to collect it from DHL today.

The new phone is a Sony Ericsson K750i, which I was attracted to mainly because of the camera and the size. My existing phone is a Nokia 3650, which I got partly because of it’s smartphone features, however since I now use a separate PDA, the size had become somewhat of an issue. About the only other thing I did with the existing phone was take occasional pictures on the 0.5MP camera. With the K750i, they have put more effort into the camera. Unlike the current batch which have 1.3MP cameras, that still suffer from some of the clarity problems, the reviews of this phones 2MP camera have been glowing, with the camera including a lot of features that would be found on regular digital cameras.

Here are two shots of the same scene, the first is taken on the Nokia, the second on the Sony Ericsson. Aside from the size reduction, neither have had any sort of processing – these are exactly as taken.

Nokia ShotSony Ericsson K750i

As you can see, whilst the quality might not match up with what the latest digital cameras can produce, the quality is still streaks ahead of the usual camera phone quality. To see further pictures I have taken with the phone, look under the K750i tag in my photo galleries.

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