And the Annoying Design Award Goes To…

After the frustration with trying to find a replacement battery for our old digital camera, and discovering that Sony no longer made the relevant battery, I thought I’d get ahead of the game, and buy some suitable extra batteries for our new camera in advance.

Looking through Amazon I found the Fujifilm NH-10 Rechargeable Battery for FinePix A310 & E Series, which was also listed on the FujiFilm site as a replacement battery for the camera.

Fuji NH-10 Battery

It turned up today, and whilst the site is absolutely right, it is compatible with the camera, it just isn’t compatible with the charger that came with the camera. The only way to charge it is to pay out another £42 for a special docking cradle that will allow the camera to charge the battery. You can’t even charge it in the camera using the normal AC power supply – only the docking cradle will do.

What is even more annoying is that the supplied charger is actually perfectly capable of charging the two cells that make up the NH-10, it’s just that some bright spark has decided to supply the two batteries in a double casing that binds the two separate AA cells together, and since the charger requires the cells in one arrangement and the camera in another it’s not possible to charge the cells in the camera’s charger.

Some crazy design idea, or cynical marketing ploy? I wonder!

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