Should Have Gone To Specsavers?

Beth went for her second opinion from Eyesite today, with interesting results.

She was given a comprehensive, thirty minute test, twice as long as the fifteen minutes we both got at Specsavers. The test found that although the prescription for her right eye produced by Specsavers was correct, there was a problem with her left eye, specifically that the angle of her astigmatism was incorrect. After this she phoned Specsavers and booked an appointment to sort out the problems, however she was decidedly frustrated to have to go back again with another problem with the test. After she phoned me, we changed our minds. The main reason for the change of mind is that in my original test from Specsavers, the problem was an error in the angle of my astignatism on my left eye. With the latest pair of glasses the left eye caused problems, and although I returned the glasses due to the chipped lense, trying out my sunglasses again it is the left eye. Basically having had four eye tests between us, all the problems seem to be on the left eye, generally the angle of the astigmatism.

Whilst it may be coincidence, it doesn’t give me much confidence, I don’t know enough about the opticians kit to know whether it is possible for an astigmatism test to produce a consistent error for some reason. To be frank I’m getting fed up with having to make endless trips to the shop. Also the fact that on a retest, where there had been problems with the first test it is concerning that a similar mistake was made.

Anyway, after getting the runaround a little from Specsavers on the phone, Beth eventually got agreement that, although they would like the chance to sort the problems out, they would issue a refund for us tomorrow. After that we’ll make an appointment for me down at Eyesite, and see quite whether my Specsavers prescription is correct.

It is worth saying at this point that I have had good experiences with Specsavers in the past, but as it is a franchise, it is sometimes a bit of a lucky dip. Suffice to say that we’ll probably avoid the Lower Earley branch in future.

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  1. Hi,
    Came across your site recently as I too have had a problem with Specsavers. In fact their is a distinct similarity with your story as I too have “Astigmatism” in both eyes – more so apparantly in my right.

    Anyway, my first impression was that my left eye soon became irritated as though it was scratched yet when I covered each eye in turn the right eye sight was very slightly out of focus. Could this be the problem I wondered and causing the left eye to strain to compensate?

    I hv been back since and had a second opinion test which the opcepterist (or whatever they are called) suggested it was just a problem with the level of the glasses so that they just needed adjusting.

    I sat down for an assistant to help – He readjusted the frames so they sat more on a level but also confirmed that the new presecription was showing a slight difference in the right eye and even though it was in “Legal” tolerances said he would order a new lense for which I was very grateful.

    I have since received the new glass/es and although I felt they were much better I still find I am having the problem with the left eye which means I cannot wear them for too long before they become too uncomfortable.

    So I am going back to Specsavers once again today (must be about the eighth visit in about five weeks) and hopefully they will recheck the left eye and specifically the angle of the left lense as this seems the most likely cause especially having read your notes and conclusion.

    I notice that you are based quite local to me so wonder if you also went to Specsavers in Reading? Would reduce the possibility of there being a technical issue with their equipment I think.

    Anyway, will post the outcome of my return visit in due course.

    Cheers for now
    John G

    1. I’ve had exactly the same problem with Specsavers. i wear daily disposable lenses and noticed that for no apparent reason the left eye lens had become weaker – one optometrist had requested a +1.75 instead of the +2.25 and a +4.75 for the right. I clearly could feel this was wrong, so popped down to my local branch. Two optometrists agreed with me while a third stuck with the his opinion that the ‘reduced’ prescription was correct. Needless to say I stopped using them and ended up buying my lenses on the internet for nearly half the price! For reading purposes I am now going to buy a pair of adjustable glasses from Eyejusters for £30! My gut feeling about the high street chains is that they’re in the business of making money and will tend to give them themselves the opportunity to keep slightly altering your prescription.

  2. Hi John,

    We didn’t go to the Reading branch at all, although I have been there many years ago, and my last set of glasses came from the Watford branch. In both cases there weren’t any problems, indeed the optician at the Watford branch was pretty helpful with this Specsavers saga.

  3. came across your site when looking for guidelines on complaints re opticians. I have been in and out of the West Ealing branch of Spec Savers where the service is chronic – I have seen 4 different optitians (the last being there senior optictian as I asked for a refund and was told I couldnt have one but they would get him to retest my eyes and see if they could rectify the problem)
    Basically I went in as I was aware that I could not see as far as I should be able to with my contact lenses – I have moved down to London recently so needed to find a new opticians, and chose specsavers west ealing as it is neat to where I live and I have never had a problem with the specsavers in Aberdeen (apparently they are a franchise so I shouldn’t have relied on this!)
    Anyway the first apointment I had with the first Optitian who gave me one very rapid eye test which was apparently for both my contacts and my glasses at the same time (ever since I have had contacts – going on 12 years now – I have always had separate tests for these even if one straight after the other with the same optomitrists – but as I don’t know why I didnt query it further) I was told by the Optitian I needed to change to a defferent type of lense as I was wearing them for quite long times and got two pairs of glasses (one of which arrived in three days the other took nearly 3 weeks!). I also at this time asked about my astigmatism and was told I didnt have one and asked about the veins in my eyes as I have had previous problems with these and was told no probs. great.
    Or not….
    One week later I went back for a check up with optitian number two for the contacts and was told I was alergic to them and had to not wear any for a week and take some eyedrops twice daily that the optitian recomended to me – she mentioned my astigmatism and the veins at the back of my eyes which were slightly enlarged and this was why I had to have the new type lenses and couldnt go back to the old ones which I hadnt thought I had a problem with initially.
    One week more I went back for another checkup – this time I also brought up the fact that my new glasses were causing headaches and felt like my eyes were being strained – was informed by optitian number three that I was probably not used to the glasses and just needed to give my eyes time to adjust. My eyes were still apparently bumpy under the eyelids due to the reaction to the lenses and she asked me how often I was taking the eyedrops – when I said twice daily (what op no 2 had told me) she said well that wont do anything you have to take them at least 4 times a day I was a little irritated.
    anyway when I finally got my second pair of glasses – with reaction lenses – and the headaches were getting worse I was understandabley fed up – as I was unable to wear my contacts and had had to revert to wearing my old glasses as I could not wear either of the new pairs as the headaches were getting so bad – I called spec savers and asked to talk to the manager – I outlined my problem ie that I had paid nearly 300 pounds and could not wear either pair of glasses and asked for a refund to be told I couldnt have one but would have to come in for a retest with the senior optitian.
    Didnt seem like I had much choice so I went in and was informed 1- my prescription had gone up so much my brain couldnt cope with the change and so would need a slightly less than full strength prescription
    and 2 – I needed to have the glasses specially fitted so that my eyes look thru the focal point in the centre
    also I was given another eye test which did not match the results of the previous one funnily enough.

    Anyway I am now currently waiting for two new pairs to this new prescription but this time I have also asked the advice of another unaffiliated optitian and he has told me that 1-this is rubbish, as I am short sighted my eyes can take a step up in prescription to something stronger that what I require without causing problems and also as my change from previous prescription was only one step up in one eye and two in the other it wouldnt apply anyway
    and 2- all glasses should be fitted properly before you leave the optitians in every case so that you are looking thru the focal point so the fact that i wasnt initially is down to there incompetance and is probably what was causing the headaches.

  4. Thanks for telling your story. I think one of the key points to highlight is that Specsavers is a franchise, so I know a number of people who, like you have used branches of Specsavers and had absolutely no problem, indeed I had used them before too. However equally I’ve heard horror stories like yours too – indeed one person at work made eight return trips to Specsavers with them trying to sort out the problems. Certainly with the hassle you’ve been having, I’d be tempted to demand my money back and go somewhere else.

    Let us know how you get on.

  5. This year when I was to have the field of view test at Specsavers as part of my eye examination, the eye patch I was offered was so filthy that I refused to put it on. It was too disgusting. Coated with layers of eye-makeup from previous users and I don’t like to think what else. I certainly did not want that anywhere near my eyes. Normally I have been offered a clean disposable eyepatch. I do not know why they can accept such an unhygenic practise as re-using such an old dirty one, then getting most off-fronted and up-tight when I refused to use it on hygenic grounds. They made me sign a statement that I had refused the field of view test – I had to add that it was due to grubby eye-patch. They should have had clean disposable patches for each customer. This was the Morrisons branch in Lincoln and this is the first time we have had a problem with them. We did wonder if the branches were no longer being supplied with the disposable eyepatches but just one in the corporate colour scheme as some cost saving exercise.
    I have not found any way of contacting the head office through their website.

  6. It’s worth mentioning that Specsavers don’t have a head office as such – it is actually a franchise, so it could entirely be that particular branch rather than any sort of national policy.

  7. Yes ive noticed theres no head office, i had my eyes tested last week and called today to see if they were only to be told its going to be another 2 weeks as i have a ‘very very complicated lens to mke up’…utter rubbish, the other place i use takes 3-5 days to make my glasses up.
    My sis has an issue with them to at the moment as they sent her from the shop without checking the frame fitted her face or if the lens was correct…all abit naughty now.

  8. I have had so many problems with Specsavers Wolverhampton, but my latest experience has encouraged me to complain.

    I had my eyes tested three weeks ago and all was fine. My prescription had altered slightly and so I decided to buy a new set of frames.

    I choose my frames and was given a collection date of the following week on the Tuesday. I went in only to be told they were not ready. I was informed that they would be ready on the same week, on Thursday.

    So I went in on Thursday and was told that they were ready but when I tried them on I could not see through them clearly at all. The member of staff checked the lenses to my prescription and found they were different. I was told they would need to be remade.

    The next collection date would be the following Tuesday. Instead of going in I decided to phone to see if they were ready so I would not have a wasted journey. They were not ready as my lenses had not been delivered. To speed up the process the lab technician had stated that I could get thinner lenses for my frames as they would benefit me and would come in quicker. It should be noted that he also agreed I would not have to pay for this extra service. The new date for collection is Thursday. I was unable to go in on Thursday so I went in on Saturday.

    I could see, at first glance, that the lenses looked extremely thick for the frame so when I asked if they had been thinned the lady had said there was no record of anyone saying that I would not have to pay. She checked this will all members of staff at the shop and they had no recollection of speaking to me on the phone and saying this. I then told her to speak to the lab technician directly and ask him. He confirmed this and the member of staff apologised for the way she spoke to me.

    Anyway, when I finally tried on the glasses I still could not see clearly through them so I again asked them to check them against my prescription. I was right, this time the right lens had been put in the left side of the frame and vice versa.

    Again I was told that the glasses would need to be remade as this problem had occurred.

    Once again, to my frustration, I asked how long it would take this time. The member of staff checked with the lab technician who informed her that I could not be given a certain date as they would need to call the manufacturers on Monday as they were closed at this time. I informed the optician that I needed the pair of glasses as soon as possible as I was starting my new job. She again stated that nothing could be done until Monday.

    To try and resolve the problem, the member of staff offered to put the lenses from the current pair of frames that they had made, into my existing frames as the lenses could be cut down and fixed into them as they are smaller. I agreed to this and so they were taken down and put into my existing frames. Upon her return I tried on the glasses and found I could not see clearly through them. She agreed to replace these with the original lenses. By this time it was 5.30pm and workers proceeded to leave the shop premises. The remaining three workers placed me in a situation where I being pressured to make decisions.

    For the inconvenience caused the optician offered me a pair of contact lenses free of charge. [However when I got home and checked the prescription of these contact lenses against my own ones I found them to be different so decided not to open them up]. At the same point, the member of staff also said I would not have to pay anything for my glasses as it was Specsavers mistake. As I was leaving the store she shows me a bill explaining that I would have to pay this next time I was in. At this point I was extremely confused as firstly I had been told I would not have to pay anything then I was shown this bill. The manager pointed out that the shop was now closed so I was to discuss this next time I was in.

    I have since found that my vision in my existing glasses is not how it was before I entered Specsavers on Saturday. The right side was put in correctly but the left eye has not. I am unable to see clearly through my left eye. So again another mistake is made.

    I have since been trying to find contact names, addresses and numbers for Head Office but have been unsuccessful. I would appreciate any advice that people can offer on this situation.

  9. Hi Natasha,

    Thanks for telling your story. Unfortunately I can’t offer much help with contact details. Specsavers is basically a franchise, so each store is owned and run by it’s store directors, as a result the customer service section of their website directs you towards the local store – exactly the people you’re having trouble with. Under the ‘News and Information’, ‘About Specsavers’ option on the Specsavers website there is a list of all their offices, but you’ll note that none actually has ‘Customer Service’ listed.

    As to what else to try, the NHS site has a guide to how to complain about Opticians, and also if you used a credit card to pay for your glasses, you also have recourse through the credit card company too.

  10. I too have had problems with Specsavers……
    I went to have my eyes tested on 29th June 2006 at the St Neots branch to try out varifocal glasses.
    I was delighted by the care and the test of the optician my test was nearly one hour long and very thorough.
    HOWEVER.. It is now the 13th October and I still have not got the second (free)pair of glasses I was expecting within a month of my 1st appointement.
    The first frame I was sold was far to big for my face and kept falling of… When I pointed this out the assistant told me than they could be adjusted to fit me…. But not that much! I had to chose another frame and it took one month for these news glasses to come back to the shop.
    When I inspected them closely I realised that one of the lens was loose and not fitted properly.
    I was then asked to bring them back and chose my second pair to enable them to have the first pair back to be mended.
    Another month later I got the second pair only to notice that one of the lens was chipped…. Back to the drawing board yet again.

    Anyway I still have not got the second pair (should arrive anytime now!) and the shop let me have this second pair Completely free….but… as the first pair was £415 Idon’t feel that I have had a very good deal……

    Marie Eaton

  11. Natasha, sorry about your experience but just a quick note on “[However when I got home and checked the prescription of these contact lenses against my own ones I found them to be different so decided not to open them up].”. Your contact lens prescription is actually different to your glasses one as they are on your eye rather than a little distance away. I found this out when asking why I needed two eye tests!

  12. I have experienced a series of problems at one of the Specsavers ‘franchises’ in Bicester.
    I have been told three times glasses were ready when they were not, then they had forgotten to tint them; I have hung around the shop with a lot of other miserable customers who have had loads of time to swap stories about: glasses been given to the wrong person, leaving the shop to stumble around because the prescription is wrong’ etc. I have filled in the customer feedback forms in the Bicester shop, put my phone contact on and never heard anything back.
    I tried the Banbury shop today who waited for two hours for Bicester to not fax through my prescription…

    The Foresight Saga continues

  13. I am writing to say how frustrated I was at the Fishponds Branch of Spec Savers. My eye test was 5 minutes and I did not have any confidence in the Optician.
    On the fitting of my contact lenses I was unable to see clearly and was told that they would settle, which they did not. I felt that I had somebody elses subscription.
    On telling the Manager about the lack of clairity with the lenses.

    I had to ask for my money back and arrange a new fitting at Union Street, Bristol as I have always found them to offer excellent service.

    I would like to let everyone know of the poor service at the Fishponds, Bristol Spec Savers.

  14. I have purchased spectacles from Specsavers, Ormskirk, Lancs. Unfortunately they gave me blurred vision. Since then Specsavers have made two more pairs and they are still incorrect. I asked for my money back and was informed ‘this is not an option’.
    Could anyone inform me of my legal position regarding an optician failing to provide me with spectacles that are not fit for my purpose.
    How many times do I have to give a service provider the opportunity for getting the product right.
    Who is the regulatory body over the optical profession? Who, other than the shop/franchise, can I place my optical complaint with?

  15. Why do you go to SpecSavers. Go to the independants, they will give you much better service because they care, and they don’t have to follow corporate rules. Additionally, don’t be fooled by the buy one get one free offers, they give you 2 really cheap frames, when you could get 2 quality frames cheaper at an independant. Independants also are passionate about eyes and eye health, they are not just business trying to sell as much as possible in order to reach their targets. Finally, your eye test should last at least 30 minutes. If it lasts 15 minutes, they are not doing it properly, and your eyes could potentially suffer.

  16. Hi I went to the Bury St. Edmunds branch of Specsavers and they were absolutely rubbish. I went in for a perscription for contact lenses and was given completely the wrong sort of lenses and my eyes had an alleric reaction to them. If felt like I had acid in my eyes. When I phoned up and told them they couldn’t give a monkeys and wanted to charge me again to give me the correct persciription, but had no appointments for a month. This meant having no leses for a month. Thankfully I managed to get into Boots Opticians immeidately who put it right. Specsavers refused to give me a refund and were tolly crap. I wish I found this site before I had made my appointment I cannot tell you how awful and rude they were.

  17. The reason we went to Specsavers is that in order to meet their requirement to pay for eye tests for employees my employer at the time did a deal with Specsavers, so the only way they would pay for the test is if I went there.

  18. Happened upon your site when I was trying to find out where to send a letter of complaint. Whitehaven should also be on this site – waiting 6 weeks for a pair of glasses and every excuse (post, post strike, difficult prescription, thin lenses etc.) given. BUT I have got one pair now!. I wonder if the consumer act would help with any of these problems – I mean the product has to be fit for the purpose – its just a thought no doubt citizens advice would be able to help.

  19. Re the Leamington Brach of Spec Savers

    I had my glasses from Spec Savers a year ago.

    These were of the very frail type, rimless and where the arms are attached to the lens. I notice they have now been withdrawn. As in the first instance I would say that there was a serious design fault here, in that the arm being attached to the lens was very precarious.

    After a year, the left arm did fall off the lens.

    As I was going to an important meeting my husband did glue it back on for me.

    Several weeks later it fell off again, and as I was going on holiday for five weeks I quickly got them into Spec Savers on the 23rd July, they said I would have a reply in 10 days time. Nothing happened, and as I was fraught in having to go away for five weeks, I hadn’t time to chase them up and went away with my spare pair where the prescription was out of date.

    On my return on the 31st August, I phoned Spec Savers to see what was happening about my Spectacles. At that time they could not find them and said they would phone back. Nothing happened so I phoned again on the Wednesday 5th September. Vee answered the phone, and was very attentive. She said she would phone back when she had looked into the situation.

    She duly did, and was most apologetic, saying they had ‘lost’ the said spectacles. She was really brilliant and I cannot fault her, saying that they would be replaced, and if I would like to come into the Leamington Shop I could choose another pair free of charge.

    I did on Friday 7th September, to be told that no I could not have them free of charge, as I had put super glue on them. I could pay half.

    As I was expecting ‘free of charge’ I was a bit miffed , Vee had been so good on the phone and I was more than pleased that they were going to do something about them ‘being lost’ She was so good, I got off the phone feeling a very satisfied customer. The very fact that they had been ‘lost’ would be the incentive to give me a free of charge pair. Secondly I feel there was a design fault in the first place, as why would they have been withdrawn.

    I have chosen another pair – and paid the half price for them, £38.50, but am not very happy, at my treatment, and feel that Spec Savers should stand by their staff, when they give out these promises.

    Vee was exceptionally good and should be rewarded, not told off, by saying she was fairly new, part time – shouldn’t have taken the initiative to replace etc. etc.

    I am not happy!

  20. after years of not wearing glasses i recently visited my local specsavers store {darley street bradford}..where i asked for assistance with choosin the perfect frame..i was pleased to find they had an offer where u spend £120 on one frame and get the other free..this meant i would need help choosin two i set to work trying them on..asking the assistant to let me know if they looked good..i eventually payed for the two frames he helped me chose..and once home..did’nt get much of a response when i asked family and friends if they looked ok..the frames deffinatly wer’nt for my face!!.it seems such a waste having to buy another two pairs because of was wondering if specsavers would allow me to exchange they are brand new.have’nt dared to wear them as they look so riddiculous!!.think i’ll take a friend down the next time..the worst part is..that i am having an eye won’t be able to get away with wearing my lenses need some funky specs pretty soon..but thats only if specsavers allow me to exchange them..i cant afford to pay another £120 im only a student!!.

  21. I’m furious with Specsavers!

    My 73 year old mother had her eyetest at Specsavers in Stockport, who have now stop doing a Glaucoma test. After picking up her glasses and wearing them for a day or two, she said they didn’t feel right. On return to Specsavers, they told her there was nothing wrong with the perscription, in a not too friendly manner.

    This time my mother went to ASDA, who did a thorough eye test. I waited 45 mins. It was worth every minute as they found that she now has started with Catarax in both eyes, and told her Specsavers should and would have found it!

    I’m going to take this further.

  22. Specsavers Stockport have not stopped doing the Glaucoma check at all. That is the whole point of the Pressures Check during pre screening. The only time you recieve a full glaucoma check e.g. camera and fields aswel is if you meet the criteria to be at risk of Glaucoma or if you pressure checks come back exceedingly low or exceedingly high.

  23. I went to Specsavers for my two-yearly eye check-up. I had never been to this store before and was surprised at the poor level of customer service I experienced. I was treated as an inconvenience and questioned as to why I had sought an eye check-up in a rather rude manner. Aswell as asking me why I had bothered to make an eye appointment, considering I don’t wear glasses (although it is widely known fact that everyone, even non-glasses wearers should have regular eye check-ups and I dont consider having a check-up every 2-3 years as being excessive), the optician also brought up the fact that the store for some reason had been unable to get hold of my previous records from my last opticians. This was because they had not asked me for relevant details i.e. maiden name, old address, store location etc. The optician seemed to imply that this was some how my fault and was very abrupt. It almost felt like she was accusing me of lying. By the end of the extremely short test (which mainly consisted of being asked the same questions repeatedly by at least three different people), I felt more like I had undergone some kind of criminal interview than an eye check-up. When I mentioned that I have been experiencing problems with long-distance vision the optician dismissed this out of hand, without enquiring about any details and I was again made to feel stupid for bringing up any concerns. During the basic eye-test offered, I noticed that my left eye performed significantly worse than my right on long-distance tests but this was not mentioned. I was simply told that there was nothing wrong with my eyes and no prescription was offered. This is contrary to results from other eye-tests I have previously undertaken which have suggested that I am in fact slightly short-sighted although don’t require glasses. I was attracted to Specsavers as they offer a free eye-test but I would definitely go back to another store such as Boots, even if it meant paying 20pounds for the opportunity. The treatment I received at Specsavers would be enough to put anyone off ever seeking an eye-test.

  24. I’m glad there is a place to vent your frustrations about opticians!! BUT heres a few points from someone in the firing line whos worked at independents, D&A and Specsavers over many years.

    1- Poor service is not exceptable, BUT inevitable in all large retailers such as Specsavers as they have such a large volume of customers! Its fair to say that people vote with their feet and if they were actually THAT bad they wouldn’t be the country’s no.1 :-). I’d like to think if your upset ‘ask for the manager!’

    2- Its just as frustrating for the opticians as it is for the customer when the customer feels there prescription is wrong!! – I promise regardless of what opticians you go to sometimes people do need to go away and try their spex as were ‘creatures of habbit’ and need to adapt to changes, such as spex!. If it isnt right after this, yes occasionally a retest is inorder – BUT whose to say if it was the optician asking the wrong questions OR you giving the wrong answers!

    3- Going to different opticians to get your eyes retested isnt a good idea! Its fair to say that if you had 5 eye tests at separate opticians in one day each prescription would be slightly different – BUT NOT WRONG!- give the optician a chance to take another look – its not fair to ask another optician to put into question the professionalism of another professional- have some respect

    4- 99% of the customers dont know enough about ophthalmics but still feel they know better than the opticians!!! WHY bother going if your not going to listen to the professional advice???

    5- Why bad mouth all of Specsavers, Boots etc based on one visit with one optician / optical assistant??? funny enough a good majority of opticians work as locums and therefor test at different opticians!!

    6- Spex don’t just fall to bits by magic! treat them a little more carefully!!! Yes please bring them in if you feel otherwise and I’m sure the staff will replace them if it is a frame fault – BUT why argue the toss when its obvious you’ve been rough with them??? If you bought a new car and slammed it into a tree because you drove without care and attention, whould you bring it back to the dealership and expect them to replace it for free?? fair enough if the brakes didn’t work!! – hands up sometimes they may not be as strong as they used to be, put thats the compromise with a lot of the more fashionable spex now – and yes sometimes there just not made well, but then again when your lab makes thousands a week yep, sometimes a few may slip the net sub-standard.

    7- If you go to an opticians who are clearly v.busy because they have great deals and low prices, don’t expect the bum licking service of v.quiet store whos desparate for your custom!!! would you moan at argos for having to wait 10mins to get served? its obvious the compromise is with low prices comes a little wait! plus yes they may be rushed and occasionally make a mistake – its called being human get over it!

    RIGHT THAT FELT GOOD!!! This is written to the people who moan for the hell of it and never seam to make a point! so if you’ve read this and you are a reasonable human you have no nead to find this post offensive and hopefully you agree with some points! Last point for every complaint made against specsavers on this board I bet theres a few thousand people who would say how happy they were with the service! plus I’m glad I don’t work for any of the stores in the above postings!

  25. Have just been back to specwasters in Havant, phone call “your glasses are ready” now that should bring a smile to my face…but of late it has brought the opposite effect.
    This week was my fourth visit in as many weeks, after an eye test.
    Buy one get one free…bargain…if you factor in the time off work, parking charges, time lost, hassle and grief, the list goes on…
    First pair…worse than I currently have ! 2nd Pair, not even close ! Turns out they hadn’t written down the prescription correctly !!! Vari-focals, I could read thru the top bit, and distance thru the bottom bit…so they were in fact made upside down…3rd pair, one eye was OK, as far as I could tell, the other was a mile out…and turns out they had written down the prescription wrong again !!!!!! How difficult can it be for goodness sake ?? I kind of exploded at this stage, said they had better refund the whole cost paid so far back to my credit card.
    For some unknown reason, I relented…and told them straight, they had one last chance…so, next time I go in, there had better be some serious appologies for me, because there has been little sign of them so far. I will keep you posted with the outcome.

  26. After all the hype from specsavers ads went for an eye test . Very nice optician and specs ready within the week. Then the problem . Impossible to see through the new specs. Told to try for a couple of days and my eyes might settle. Rediculous, couldnt see to drive or even across the Rd. Telepphone from Specsavers Rugeley same day, come in and we’ll refund you. Big deal wasted week and still no specs. No help from company, all specsavers franchised so you deal with local store, no comeback to specsavers
    in other words bunch of one off traders with no standards, one problem and they wash there hands of you. SPECSAVERS RUGELEY , dont bother.

  27. Specsavers are a bunch of con- artists. I was on their ‘lensmail’ direct debit scheme when I was a student at Oxford. When I left Oxford I rang the Lensmail call centre to have my store changed to the Isle of Man. They told me yes, it’s all sorted, we’ll send your details to them. I also had a contact check- up and an eye test there. However I heard nothing more from the Isle of Man store for months. I also kept receiving letters from Oxford asking me to go for a check-up (which I’d just had…), contacting them and the call centre again it became clear that the call centre girl had lied to me the first time. None of it had been sorted. AND because the Isle of Man is ‘overseas’ I cannot transfer my details to them, and have to cancel my Direct Debit scheme! How very convenient. I was unaware that the post, email and even fax doesn’t work over water. No wait, it does…. Why on earth do they not have a central server for all customer details so this doesn’t happen. So I had my next check- up over here, Isle of Man, they still hadn’t had my prescriptions etc. through from the Oxford store. Afterwards I requested to buy 3 pairs of lenses directly. I was quoted £30 for this and I paid that up front. I was also told they would be in store to pick up in 2 days time. 8 days later and I got a phone call- they were in stock, but the price quoted was wrong- £46.50 instead of £30 so could I pay the rest of the balance when I pick them up. I am now contacting Consumer Affairs because this is breach of promise- the price I was told originally is the price they legally have to let me pay. Other than that I was treated with contempt by all of the staff at the check-up, the optician sighed when I said I might want to try a different type of lens that might be cheaper for example and obviously couldn’t be bothered to talk me through any options. I can honestly say I will never ever return to Specsavers as long as I live, the heartache it has given me for the last year is really beyond belief.

  28. Was very pleased with the actual eye examination but the after sales service leaves a lot to be desired. I went to the Dartford branch and was told my spectacles will be made to the specification of my current spectacles ie thinned lens, tint, non reflective lens, but when I went to collect them they were not tinted, and I was told if I wanted the tint I would have to pay another £12 on top of the £370 I had already paid. Shouldn’t have gone to Specsavers.

  29. ‘Specsavers are a bunch of con artists’ and ‘bunch of one-off traders with no standards’

    I find those comments very offensive as a specsavers employee. Yes your right that we are types of franchises, ‘joint venture partnerships’ to be exact, which means each store is owned usually 50% by the local director, but also 50% by Mr and Mrs Perkins the Specsavers founders.

    I find those comments offensive as its a little unfair to tarnish all the stores with the same brush as one of you had a problem with one of the 500 plus stores in this country!! I work VERY hard for a living and go out my way to treat the customers/patients as I’d like to be treated myself. It is VERY rare that any of the customers will have a genuine reason to be upset at my store. I’d recommend that you try some of the other Specsaver stores out so you can see why were always SO busy all the time!! (you wouldn’t be so busy and become the no.1 for all those years by being useless!!)

    I agree with one of the earlier posts. (bet you can’t guess which one!!)

  30. I’m going back to Specsavers in Clifton, Bristol today to get a refund on my eye test – I’m only glad I didn’t get railroaded into buying an actual pair of glasses. Before testing my eyes the optician looked at my age (41) and asked me a leading question about reading close up, I answered that I suppose I did. The eye test was then devoted to my needing varifocal lenses. The salesman then proceeded to attempt to sell me their top of the range varifocal lenses with a passing reference to the cheaper options. I left the shop to think it over on the weekend. I was totally unsure about the prescription so went to an independent optician yesterday. I didn’t mention my Specsaver experience and the independent guy prescribed me a slightly stronger version of the lenses that I have today, when I told him of the Specsavers prescription he said he was “embarrassed” for his profession and in his opinion the prescrition was, quote “Total bo**locks” Thank you Specsavers I will never use you again.

  31. Had glasses made by Specsavers at beginning of June 2008. Been back seven times….flaw in lens, varifocal sections not correct, wrong lenses etc etc. My prescription had not changed when I went for my eye-test but I wanted to up-date my glasses (at a cost of £370)so I did not think that there would be any problem. Trouble is, on trying to get on with the new glasses ,(as I was told to persevere with them) I am now having difficulty seeing out of my old spectacles.

  32. i also find these comments made about specsavers really frustrating and exaggerated… i work for specsavers and pride myself upon the higestlevel of service and standards , just because osome of you have had a badservice at a store or two dont tarnish us all with the same brush… my store work incredibly hard and have nothing but praise from customers… we are also the most trusted optician in the uk which means that you whingers are a small nminority with nothing better to do, try and see it from our point of view, we work hard and give you great value for money.. and as usual the great british public just whinge whinge whinge. if you dont like it… go to an independant or a nother high street opticians and pay three times ther price for your products RANT [email protected]

  33. Eyesight is not something you want to gamble with, and I have heard all too many horror storys from Specsavers clients. I was one!!! I have scarring on each eye, and my Glaucoma was missed!!!! The Glaucoma tests offered are NOT as comprehensive as others available, and being in the ‘At Risk’ group I would have appreciated being told so!!! I had a test from a Zeiss GDX scanner, and it showed up advanced glacoma immediatly. I wrote a letter (guess what, no reply!) and am tempted to go for compensation – which would go straight to a glaucoma charity such as the IGA… wish me luck!!!

  34. Astigmatism axis will vary from eye test to eye test as this is altered subjectively according to the patient’s responses. Therefore it can be said that no 2 prescriptions can be exactly the same. For larger cylindrical values the tollerance in astigmatic error becomes smaller as smaller axis alterations have a greater effect on vision. At -0.25DC the tollerance is about 30 degrees each way. At -3.00DC it is about 5 degrees. It is unlikely that multiple optometrists would refract poorly as they see often see 10 patients a day. Managers won’t want to lose lots of money with everyone returning their spectacles. These are simply comments and things to remember that I hope you will find helpful. I am not putting forward an opinion about the service Specsavers offers.

  35. Changed mind. I agree with employee. These comments are from complainers and do not offer a fair opinion of the service Specsavers offer. They will always be able to offer a 2nd opinion from another optom if requested. Cataract and Glaucoma are slow progressive diseases (unless you have CAG Glaucoma in which case you would know!!!). It is a matter of professional opinion whether they are referred to as a disease or not depending on their progression and impact on the patients’ lives. Why don’t u all start putting down the store locations you went to so we can tell the good from bad? This would be more useful.

  36. I recently had a bad experience at the Bognor Regis branch of Specsavers. I went for an eye test and was told I needed stronger glasses and they were provided. I complained that they made my vision blurred so they changed them and again when collecting the second pair they also made my vision blurred. I did inform the sales person on both occasions before leaving the premises that I was not comfortable with either pair, they insisted I keep them and get used to them. I was concerned about this so went to another opticians to get a second opinion. I was astonished to be told that I really did not need glasses, I had worn them for 4 years on the advice of Specsavers and could not believe I was now being told that I did not need them but if I felt comfortable wearing them for pc work that was fine. I immediately went back to Specsavers and said I would like a refund, they refused. I insisted and then told them I had been to another optician who said I did not need the glasses. They again refused a refund. I insisted again and they said show me the prescription so I did. They immediately gave me a full refund. It seems strange they would insist I need glasses when they made my vision blured and a second optician said I did not need them? Why would they do that?

  37. I had my eyes tested at Specsavers in Camden Town as was told my perscription needed to be changed which i presumed anyway.
    It took 3 visits to get the new glass put in as the machine was always broken. When i eventually got them they seemed quite strong and things looked blurred. I went back and when they checked the computer i was told the perscription was wrong and much too strong and that mine should be a lot milder.
    I now have to wait a week to get the proper lenses.
    I never relized so many people had such problems with Specsavers, my original visit in 2002 was fine, what has happened?

  38. Went into a Specsavers store today and it was so busy, I mean it was like a supermarket! I feel sorry for the employees working so hard running around! I’ve got nothing but praise forthem all! I’d like to see anyone (including me!) working in that sort of environment full-time! My spex were great and I can’t help but laugh at one of those earlier posts on this site that points out just how narrow minded some people can be!! Your right, go to any other opticians and their 100% perfect and will never make mistakes!! errr me thinks not!

  39. I walked into the shop in Letchworth and was tatally ignored by the staff for about 10 minutes. Only after I made a comment about standing like an idiot at the counter for nearly 10 minutes did someone come over to attend to me. Now is not that I mind waiting…but for goodness sake, it doesnt take much to give a customer a friendly smile and say that they will be with me in a few minutes, but two assistants who were obviously going on lunch walked right past me. God forbid if they looked my way and said anything….and the other 2 assistants refused to give me any eye contact let alone a couple of words to acknowledge I was waiting so long. I spent over £200 a few weeks ago, but thats the last they see of me …Im off to somewhere else that makes me feel welcome. Remember staff at Letchworth, its people like me who pay your salaries. Disgruntled

  40. I too have a horror story about spec savers, I wear bi-focals and suffer astigmatism, Spec savers in their wisdom first removed the correction for the astigmatism prompting me to have to get the glasses remade! this time with one of the reading bits at the bottom of the right lens totally cock-eyed!! an assistant offered to bend the frame to compensate, I don’t think so!! once more new lenses!! so eventually I went back to wearing my old prescription, which are bi-focals and I can wear for 24hrs without problem.. So when it came time for a retest I went to Boots, so far so good, but as I couldn’t find any frames to suit me in Boots I (stupid of me I know) took my prescription to Spec savers, yes thats when the problems began, an hour after first wearing the new glasses the headaches started!! Spec savers said get used to the new glasses, so I spoke to the Boots opticial who tested me, she said no,no,no come back and see me, bring in your old glasses and your new ones from spec savers and we shall see.. any way that appointment is tomorrow (04-09-09) so I will keep you posted

  41. Having been a customer at Specsavers since 2007 I have left now in June 2010 and am shocked at their level of sevice and organisation even now. I had been a good customer, and having worn contact lenses for almost 10 years now, I am very careful with my eyes. In April 2009 I went into Specsavers of my own accord as I thought that my sight was worsening. I was given an eyetest and the optician determined that my sight had changed and as a result my prescription changed as well. Some of you may be thinking that this was a contact lens check, but it wasn’t. I had a full sight test with the machine and the lights etc… the whole shibang. And afterward, seeing as I had not been sent a letter and I was not really due another eyetest for a couple of months I had to pay.

    Fair enough, I thought. And promptly produced the cash to pay for my test. OH GOD how I wish I had kept that bloomin receipt.

    A few months later as it happened i received a letter throught the door telling me that It was over a year since my last test. Seemed a little pointless as I had just had one and PAID as well. I rang the branch and questioned this and thy said another was not necessary. All was well.

    Or so I thought…

    Earlier this year when sorting out my wedding, which in my opinion kind of takes priority, I received another letter. Telling me it had now been 2 years and if I didn go into the store they would cancel my direct debit. 2 YEARS? 2YEARS. The words tumbled around in my brain but I left it, I was far too busy and seeing as I was moving anyway to be with my husband I figured I would have to change opticians as well. I phoned them to inform them of my change of address and still everything seemed peachy, no mention of an eye exam.Strange?!

    I received another letter saying that they would cancel my debit on March 25th 2010 which seemed fine with me as once my current supply was almost out I was planning on moving on anyway. So I left it at that.

    Imagine my suprise when I found that the money was still leaving my account after this date. So I went to the bank and cancelled the direct debit myself. Imagine my further surprise when a week later they tell me that THEY have cancelled the direct debit.

    I laughed it off.

    Then I receive a letter telling me that my lenses were in store. WHAT? MY lenses? I hadn’t even ordered any lenses. Needless to say haven’t picked them up.

    I went to another optician and had my eye tested, an opticians which was NOT specsaers. When they rang Specsaver for details they said that I hadn’thad an eye test for 3 YEARS ( since 2007 people!) and that they had stopped sending me lenses in 2009. The cheeky buggers!!! I was shocked, could not believe it!!

    So there I was, the new opticians were understanding but told me my prescription was far too strong in my left eye, so strong that I could have been straining my eyes.

    I don’t really know what to do now. Luckily the other optician believes that they hav obviously lost some information which means I can sort myself out with them but is that a good thing?

    Is it good to leave your personal information with these people?
    Was this a bitter tactic to stop me from leaving their company?
    Whatever it is I don’t know whether to claim back my money and challenge them on this as apparently it is illegal for them to supply me with lenses if they havn’t got up to date eye test info.

    If they stick to their story and deny losing/misplacing my info then they have been ILLEGALLY supplying me with lenses for at least 2 years.

    Any advice would be helpful

    Should I leave it?
    Or should I contact them and demand that my good name be restored as I feel like they have damaged my good name and basically taken advantage of my good nature.

    Should I go to Specsavers?

  42. I had an eye appointment at the Bromley, Kent store yesterday and while I was quite amenable to buying (designer) glasses from them, I didn’t have much time so I said I’d look around elsewhere before deciding. So far, so good. I then asked the salesman for my PD measurement which I had previously been told was necessary for someone else to make glasses from an NHS prescription.

    The salesman told me I couldn’t have this as ‘it was against the law’. I asked for the manager (I saw a duty manager) and repeated what I’d been told. He sheepishly admitted it wasn’t against the law but said was ‘company policy’ not to give this information. I asked what Head Office would say if I asked them about this ‘policy’ and he then said ‘oh well it’s not actually company policy, but at our discretion’. A little different from ‘against the law’!

    He then wrote down my PD measurement (wrongly as it happened) but it’s quite clear that customers are being blackmailed into buying their glasses in the store by the lies being told and the refusal to give out the information needed to shop elsewhere.

    Needles to say, I’ve bought my (expensive) glasses elsewhere. Specsavers are a dishonest organisation.

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