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Today, following on from our problems with Specsavers, we went into Reading for Beth to collect her new glasses, and myself to have an eye test with EyeSite.

As with Beth a couple of weeks ago, my test lasted thirty minutes, twice as long as the tests at Specsavers, and including a number of additional elements to the test. Also, unlike the Specsavers test I wasn’t ever able to read the last line of the chart – the second to last line being the 20/20 vision line according to the optician. The other interesting revalation, considering that Specsavers had twice come up with (different) changes in the angle of my astigmatism is that the test found that although my eyes had improved, the angle of my astigmatism was unchanged.

Beth’s new glasses seem to be going ok. As with all pairs they didn’t quite fit right, first time, but although she is getting the usual wierd feelings you get with new spectacles, she isn’t getting the blurred distance vision she encountered before.

Having talked about it, aside from the longer test, the main difference we found was that it generally felt more professional. The store was also significantly more busy, with four separate opticians performing eye examinations and a number of other staff helping customers with choosing their glasses. In addition, I didn’t get any argument about having regular lenses. The dispensing optician said that if I was happy with the weight of the lenses then that was fine, as the only reason for going for a thinner lense with my prescription was for the weight.

Although this has turned out to be rather more expensive than Specsavers, since being an independant they can’t compete with the offers that a chain can produce, on current results we are a lot happier with EyeSite. Of course the only problem is that thanks to the exclusive deal that my employer has with Specsavers, they won’t pay for the test.

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  1. I must agree with you i have used specsavers before in reading before . I only changed to eyesite because i could not get an appointment at specsavers . Wow what a diference thay are , i wished i had changed much sooner . I have been with eyesite for about six years know & despite the fact that they are exspensive i belive that it was money well spent . Plus you do have the chioce to have your test done at eyesite & pop next door to specsavers for specs. Just a bit more info on the town centure specsavers shop i friar st a lot of people i know will no longer use this store but chose to use the store at asda in lower early or even go as far a fleet to specsavers .

  2. I am a qualified dispensing optician who used to work for eyesite and can safely say that they offer an extremely prefessional and knowledgable service to anyone who needs spectacles. They place great importance on employing professionally qualified staff for both the sight test and dispensing. I am glad to hear that they are still providing an excellent service and if I still lived in the area there is nowhere else I would go for my spectacles.

  3. I first used Specsavers in the early eighties when they first opened their Dunstable shop. I ended up with two 16 year olds measuring for my glasses, I said then never again. I have just given them another try and having look up their prices via their web went to the store fully armed with prices.When I mentioned the 30% discount for over 60’s they said their price of £190 included this. 30% off £224 is £156.80. When I complained they asked me to go to anther firm. Fine. Again I am saying nver again.

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