Tiger Upgrade

So this afternoon, I finally made the jump to MacOS X 10.4 Tiger.

I eventually decided to take the chance to clean up the machine by doing a clean install, rather than any sort of upgrade. It’s not quite as drastic an action as first sounds, as Tiger has a really powerful migration wizard that pulls almost all the settings, files and all my installed applications across and sets them up. It is provided for people who have bought a new Mac – and is very quick considering that in my case it was shifting a large number of applications and matching the installs into Panther. Basically after an hour, 95% of my old setup was up and running on the new machine, without me once having to reach for the original installs – try that on a Windows PC! (Take a look here for more details on the Migration Assistant)

The only problem areas were where I expected, Norton Internet Security (requires an upgrade to work), Missing Sync (again requires an upgrade), and the e-mail setup which I had hacked together under 10.3, and to be honest wasn’t expecting the wizard to be able to cope with.

The e-mail setup has actually taken me several hours to sort out, primarily because Apple have changed the way that fetchmail and postfix are setup. Most of the setup was just a matter of working through Postfix Enabler, which I was able to accomplish pretty quickly. They are now charging $9.99 for the enabler (just over £5), but for the hassle it saves, it is well worth the cost. However fetchmail was another matter, and isn’t configured by the enabler.

As usual there was a multitude of suggestions as to how to enable fetchmail. The first I came across was linked from the Postfix Enabler, however the big clanger in this one is that it installs a fresh copy of fetchmail, when Tiger includes it already. Postfix Enabler makes use of a new Tiger feature, launchd, so I tried to find a solution that would launch fetchmail in a similar manner. Ultimately I used the instructions towards the bottom of the comments on this page. It’s still a slight bit of a fudge, as the last couple of comments state, as it’s using a sleep command to trick launchd slightly. However I imagine that a better solution will appear with time.

As far as I am aware, I’ve not lost any incoming e-mail in the changeover – although apologies in advance if something does go astray. Tomorrow I’ll give the whole setup a bit more of a workout, and hopefully sort out Missing Sync and Norton.

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