Bowling the Night Away

Lonely Shoe

So after the weeks hiatus last week caused by the annual All Souls Day service, we kicked off the second half-term of Youth Group with one of our regular ten-pin bowling trips to Bracknell.

After the last trip, where we ended up having to rush back because certain of the young gentlemen spent rather too much time going to get chips rather than bowling, we left somewhat earlier – only for the same group of young gentlemen to bowl through in record time! Oh the joys of youth work!

As in previous trips, three of the leaders bowled, and Beth and me acted as sweepers trying to make sure that we didn’t loose any of the Youth Group to the arcade machines and so on. We also witnessed another one of the great stages on the road to manhood from one of the boys – the sudden ability to bowl a ball straight! Last time we went Rob was bouncing the ball off the sides and ending up in the gutter just like all the other younger members, but this time he was consistently able to bowl the ball straight down the middle, beating everybody including Steve! (Although Steve claims he had tennis elbow, so wasn’t bowling at full strength today… 😮 )

Anyway, I think a good time was had by all – and we’re doing an outing again next week, as we’re taking the Youth Group off to the Rockmass at Thatcham.

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