The Christmas Invasion Closing Theme

In my review of The Christmas Invasion, one of the changes I mentioned was the new orchestral version of the theme, with the missing part of the theme (commonly described as the middle eight) restored, however on the showing in our region, the continuity announcer talked over the top. Looking at the comments on the Whomix site amongst others it seems I wasn’t alone.

However, reading Behind the Sofa Again this morning they linked to an article on Sci-Fi heaven that provides the closing theme, without the announcer, taken from ‘a source at the BBC’.

I have to say, that as with the orchestral theme that was produced for the 1996 US co-production, (and I know I’m at odds with a lot of fans in saying this) I do like having a real orchestra playing the theme. In fact in general I tend to prefer the sound of a real orchestra – especially real brass – on most things, as it is a sound that even with todays pretty advanced synths, still hasn’t been properly captured. Anyway, you can find the new version of the theme here.

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