Not One, But Two New Macs

As usual, the Macworld Keynote has wheeled out some surprises.

As expected, iLife 06 and iWork 06, adding iWeb into the iLife mix – probably a must have upgrade for me.

However whilst there were rumours of one Intel based Mac, Jobs in fact announced two – a laptop, and the only recently updated iMac is updated again to run on dual-core Intel processors. Both machines also get a significant bump up in the graphics department, with built in Ati Radeon X1600 chips.

The really tempting machine though is the MacBook Pro, which thanks to Apple never having produced a G5 laptop, quadruples the performance of the old Powerbooks. The idea of having a powerful dual core laptop that can run MacOS X, but can also be set up to run Windows when needed is really tempting. The big question now is quite how long Howard will be able to resist…

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