You Know When You’ve Been Scobleized

It was quite amazing back in December, to see the effect of having my blog linked to by Robert Scoble, almost immediately there was a noticeable jump in my traffic that lasted for a good week or so. Scobleizer, like Slashdot, is one of these sites on which getting a mention can really boost your traffic, sometimes to unmanageable levels.

One example of this was the effect this week when Scoble posted about the Coding Horror blog. Now I’ve actually been reading Coding Horror for quite a while. Jeff Atwood writes a broad mix of articles, primarily about good programming practice, but broadening into all sorts of other areas.

For example, recent articles that have raised a smile include ‘Lotus Notes: Survival of the Unfittest‘ – both my current and previous employers have used this delight for e-mail, and after all those years and many updates it’s still no better – and ‘Revisiting Edit and Continue‘ that argues that the return of the ability to edit a running application in Visual Studio 2005 is actually a bad thing.

Anyway, now the results of the Scobleizing have died down, I’d definitely recommend that any .Net programmers go take a look at Coding Horror.

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