One Final Chance for Missing Sync

I’ve previously reported on my woes with Missing Sync, and it’s general inability to get things right when syncing between my PocketPC and the Mac. This weekend I thought I’d give it one last go, to see if it could manage to get the synchronisation right.

The reason I tried it out this weekend is because I had the laptop from work home. At work we have an Microsoft Exchange server running, and Outlook is the tool of choice, so unlike SSE where the use of Lotus Notes left all our calendars in a nice little private world, here I can plug my PDA into the laptop, and synchronise up pretty easily, allowing me finally to have business appointments in the same place as all the rest.

I started off with a clean calendar in Outlook on the work laptop, and spent a good deal of time with Pocket Informant on my PDA getting categories sorted out, and everything pretty well in order. I then hooked up the PDA, sat back and let it sync away. It synced pretty well, aside from some old recurring appointments starting in 2002, which for some reason Active Sync objected to – these I just deleted.

I then made use of the outlook views to finish of the categories, and also to ensure that my private appointments didn’t end up cluttering up the work server. As far as I could tell, everything had come across correctly.

Encouraged by having synced into Outlook, I then had a go at doing the same onto the Mac. The first thing I did was to clear out everything from iCal, so effectively, all Missing Sync had to do was to make a copy of the PDA, into iCal on the Mac. I’m sorry to report that it couldn’t even manage to get this right.

Whilst it successfully managed to get the normal appointments across, it failed totally to get the recurring appointments correct. It is worth saying that the recurring appointments are doing nothing that iCal itself can’t do – having Matins on the second and fourth Sundays in the month, Evensong on the first Sunday, and the Family Service on the third – but whilst March came out correct, the services were all over the place in the other months, sometimes with the Family service popping up on the Thursday, other times Matins ended up on a Tuesday. Whilst the services were consistent within a particular month, they weren’t consistent over successive months. If the software can’t even manage to just copy a schedule from a PocketPC onto a totally clean copy of iCal, I’m not surprised it makes such a mess of anything more complicated. Frankly it is a total waste of time and effort, and I don’t really think I’m going to be letting it near my PocketPC any time soon.

4 thoughts on “One Final Chance for Missing Sync”

  1. Ug! I hate these situations, I find myself defending Lotus Notes.

    Lotus Notes happy syncs with Microsoft PDA’s using a piece of software from IBM called EasySync Pro. If you wish to go third party there are a number of other options none of which are very expensive.

  2. Everyone that has an approved company purchased PDA gets Easy Sync Pro. You had a personal device. All you would have need to do was raise a request. The currect PDA of choice is the HTC Wizard.

  3. Cool – a bit of a change around from a few years ago. Probably worth letting some of the other guys who have their own PDA’s around SSE know that the company is providing a syncronisation solution for personal PDA’s now.

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