Garage Guest

Garage Guest

I got home from our Youth Group planning meeting tonight, opened up the garage, and sat in the middle of the empty garage was a visitor – a hedgehog. Quite how he got in, I don’t know, as he looked too large to fit under the closed door. However at the sight of me, and with the noise of the car, he headed straight for the farthest corner and tried to hide.

Initially I tried to coax him out, not wanting to scare him by picking him up, but everything I did had him trying to squeeze further and further into the corner of the garage, so not wanting to end up with a dead hedgehog in the garage I decided that he’d probably have to be picked up and carried out. Beth not ever having seen a hedgehog up close, grabbed a pair of gardening gloves and did the honours, which gave me the chance to snap off a picture.

At this point of course he curled up tight into a ball, although you can just see his snout in the picture. As we carefully placed him in the undergrowth there was more scrabbling, and with a torch we could make out another hedgehog over in the back corner of our front garden by the fence.

Apparently hedgehogs are very good for controlling insect pests in the garden, so hopefully with a couple of them around our roses will survive a bit better this year!

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  1. Hedgies! YAY! I love ’em, I don’t know why but i do. They’re prickly but cute. I wish we had some in our yard. But it’s a combination of too many cats and too many busy roads, so I usually just see very flat hedgies in the middle of the road

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