Kitty on a Diet


We’re not making ourselves overly popular with Sophie at the moment.

After her previous illness, I’ve already noted that she has been putting on weight. Well since then it has got to the point that she is now not quite making jumps that she used to be able to manage – and usually a failed jump ends up with a glare at us as if we’d made the chair arm higher or something. Even the previously exciting cord from the blind seems to not be interesting now it involves too much chasing around. All it merits now is a couple of half-hearted swipes before she goes back to spreading out on the floor!

As a result, the decision has been made to put her on a diet, so she is now not getting quite as much food as she did, and she’s not overly happy about it. The usual early morning complaints from outside our bedroom door which used to only be when we were sleeping in, and late with breakfast, are now daily. Indeed one morning last week, she woke us up at 5:30am with her complaining. There is also general grumpiness when she sees how much food she’s getting. Things aren’t going to get much better tomorrow either, as she’s off down to the vets for a checkup and for her shots, although at least then there will be an opportunity to find out whether the weight gain is anything we can sort out by diet, or whether it is a side effect of her current pills.

Sophie on Next Doors Bench 1

Having said that, life isn’t all bad. Next door have spent a good deal of the past month or so landscaping their back garden, and have added a nice bench, that sits in just the right spot to catch the morning sun. Needless to say, Sophie has discovered it, and is making use of it already. Beth managed to snap a couple of shots of Sophie enjoying the sunshine on their bench, before she moved on to the bench in our garden to catch the sun later on. Shameless – as you can see…

How Many Housemates Does It Take?

Ok, I confess it, I’ve got the Big Brother highlights show set up on the Sky+… I guess I should insert some pitiful excuse as to why I’ve got the daddy of all the car crash TV reality shows set up to record, but I won’t bother – it’s just one of these shows that is at various times addictive, frustrating, and even entertaining.

What is quite amazing this year is the rate with which they are getting through housemates. Having started off with two more than usual, they Shahbaz walking out within five days, Dawn officially being ejected (although she wanted to go anyway) and now being on hunger strike for her footage, then the first proper eviction on Friday, no sooner have they put in two new housemates, do we find George walking out. At this rate I doubt if there will be anybody left by the end of the run!

Of course if you’re really keen to join the house, the Big Brother Golden Ticket competition is hotting up – and you don’t even need to eat a chocolate bar to get a ticket – a quick scan on eBay will find a number of the tickets up for sale.

Having said that, there is a certain irony to George’s reasons for walking out – I mean how many of the ex-housemates from previous years are still in the public eye?

Themes that Play Nice

I’ve spent the day updating the software that drives the blog. It is now up to date, and running the latest version of WordPress, version 2.0.2. Thankfully the upgrade went really smoothly, it taking more time to actually back up the existing configuration than do the update.

At the same time, I thought I’d try and change the theme which we were using, this proved to be a lot more tedious and frustrating, mainly because the various themes I tried, and the Flickr photo albums didn’t play nicely together. I’ve tried various themes, and also both FAlbum and Flickr Photo Album, and neither of the album plugins seem to get on with certain themes, in particular wp-andreas09 which looks really good with the rest of the blog, but places the FAlbum content level with the bottom of whichever sidebar is longest. It misbehaves in a similar way with Flickr Photo Album, except the first part of the photo page is correctly placed, with the rest of the content on the page in a similar location to FAlbum.

Currently I’m running with the Tiga theme, which doesn’t do as many pretty things with fonts and colours as some of the other themes, but does come with integration with FAlbum out of the box.

I guess what I’ll have to do at some point is to sit down with one of the non-working themes, and compare it with the integration in Tiga, to try and fathom out what is going wrong.

Cats Love Macs

Catching up with the Unofficial Apple Weblog tonight, they had a great little article that highlighted the ‘Cats Love Macs‘ group on Flickr – just the kind of group for Mac owners who are cat lovers too…

The contents of the group are essentially what it says on the tin – loads of pictures of cats with Macs, and there are some great shots there.

However, my favourite has to be this one by khirano.

Too Much TV Bad For You?

Last night on Doctor Who we got the contribution from Mark Gatiss. After last year where the monsters came through the gas supply, this year his story was set in 1953, with the monster coming through the TV, in The Idiot’s Lantern.

Much as with his story last year, the Doctor hasn’t quite hit his target destination. Instead of his target of New York for a performance by Elvis, he instead ends up in early fifties London, who are preparing for the coronation. Along the street, a local electrical store is selling TV sets at knock down prices, apparently out of duty. However, strange things are happening – residents of the houses are being found, with their faces mysteriously gone, and no sooner does this happen do the Police turn up, and take the faceless people away.

As with his previous script, Gatiss has produced a great episode. The story is based around a lot of the warnings that parents used to give their children about what would happen if they watched too much TV, and there are some amusing jokes based around the whole TV monster idea, indeed the ultimate conclusion where the Doctor defeats the monster effectively by recording it onto a video tape continues the joke. As with some of the earlier stories, it’s all a bit of preposterous hokum, but enjoyable none the less. We again had the mixing of an alien threat, with a bit of domestic drama, and the character of the Doctor seemingly a lot more balanced than he has been – perhaps due to the friendship between David Tennant and Mark Gatiss himself. We also had Maureen Lipman doing her best BBC announcer – but becoming the monster…

Next week we have another of this seasons visits to a planet other than Earth. Although New Earth was set off world, it was on a planet that was supposed to be similar to Earth following the destruction of the original planet. The Impossible Planet is going all out for a really alien planet apparently, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out, as one of the often mentioned reasons for focusing on Earth based stories has been that the production team have been concerned that they couldn’t do an alien planet justice. The writer of the episode, Matt Jones although new to the series, is another who has been involved in writing Doctor Who before, in particular two stories in the New Adventures range.