Howard Tests his K800

Howard has grabbed one of the first Sony Ericsson K800’s for his latest mobile phone upgrade. We’ve been e-mailing comparing experiences between his and my K750i, partly because I’m trying to work out whether the extra size and weight of the K800 is balanced by the improvement in picture quality.

As an example of the picture quality, he spent part of the weekend at a garden centre trying out some close-up shots of flowers and insects, one of which, Butterfly, I’ve posted here. The whole set is fantastic, with only minimal fringing when you look closely – certainly no worse than many regular digital camera shots I’ve seen. Interestingly, he didn’t have to alter too many of the settings, as unlike my phone, the unit comes configured as a camera, rather than the default configuration on mine which takes messaging size pictures, using the extra resolution to provide a zoom feature.

The results he’s getting are certainly tempting, assuming my network are willing to play ball with a good upgrade offer. However, the real world reports I’ve seen have been mixed, with the glowing reviews coming from people who haven’t previously had a K750i. Among those who already have a K750i comments have been more reserved, with some regarding the picture quality as less good, and others bemoaning the increased size. I think we’ll probably have to arrange a side-by-side comparison at some point to really satisfy me.

You can browse through the rest of Howard’s set on Flickr.

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