Careless Talk Costs…


I had a bit of a shock when, prompted by Dave, I looked at the Channel9 site this morning. Right at the top was this slightly blurry, but definitely recognisable picture of Dave, and an attached video. The video has been uploaded by one of the Microsoft employees who are involved in the Channel9 site, and was actually filmed a few months ago, and as well as Dave features Barry Dorrans and Ian Smith both of whom we’ve met up with a number of times.

Dave has admitted that based on some of the things that were said, he didn’t actually expect the video to appear. Having said that, what is up there is apparently edited having been past the lawyers… Ian’s first comment was “Well that was embarrassingâ€?, and Barry has posted his own comment on his blog.

The video kicks off with Dave and Lou showing Charles around Westminster, and then moving on to the London Eye giving a classic example of the tour guide technique of being totally convincing over what they are saying – whether it is right or not! From there they headed into Waterloo Station, where we get a whole sequence with the Channel9 Guy trying to come up with a suitable voice. We also get a recreation of Dave and Lou’s first date where they met under the clock on the station concourse. At this point Ian meets up with them and we get a bit of technical discussion, before they head off to the bar along the concourse to wait for Barry to appear. There is actually quite a detailed discussion about the problems of keeping up with multiple news feeds as both Dave and Ian, like me, have a lot of feeds. Then Barry appears. Now it’s worth saying that Barry has one or two issues with Microsoft, and is still decidedly annoyed about being turned down by them for not being technical. Considering who is filming, and where the video is hosted, he is surprisingly free with his comments… We then get on to a quite hilarious discussion about the relative merits of the different buildings on the Microsoft Campus, and then on to a discussion about the Windows Genuine Advantage programme. In amongst this there is discussion about Robert Scoble, how Dave doesn’t read his blog as much since he left Microsoft, and also his similarity or otherwise to the Channel9 Guy, a discussion of the best sources of technical information, the problems of moderating an online forum and a whole load of other stuff besides. Although the lawyers have apparently been at work on it, there are still some moments where you wonder quite whether they really said what they just said. What is a bit more worrying is Dave is threatening to invite myself and Beth along to the next one – I guess I’ll have to consult my lawyer on that one…

Anyway, if you’ve got a spare hour or so, grab a copy of the video and see quite how many potentially libellous, rude or generally unfortunate comments got through to the final edit. 😀

3 thoughts on “Careless Talk Costs…”

  1. Nope, never known you to be anything but honest!

    In terms of the content, discussion wise it was pretty interesting, also of benefit to have Lou in there too as she quite often came in with good comments that got you guys to consider the user point of view. The other bits were laugh out loud funny in places – although the fact I know all of you probably made it more funny in places. The vain attempts Ian made at a couple of points to try and get you back onto technical topics once Barry appeared were quite funny, and Lou again had a couple of great moments. The almost growl at Charles when he filmed her with her glasses on for a second time was really funny.

    I don’t think there was anything that’s going to have you prosecuted, just probably were more honest than you should if you’re ever going to go for a job at Microsoft again. Of course Robert Scoble (or should that be Robert Scooby 😉 ) got in by taking on Microsoft…

    I’m looking forward to the next part, seems like you could have a nice regular video podcast going discussing the IT business.

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