Things People Forget

Lisa was having somewhat of a moan today listing off things she hates, however she did demonstrate something that we’ve noticed a lot – part way down she includes on the list ‘Foreign Immigrants – All of them’, I guess a reaction to the news over the recent surge in numbers thanks to the EU expansion. In similar situations where in conversation friends and colleagues have complained about immigration, right to Beth’s face at times, it takes quite a while before it clicks that Beth is an immigrant too…

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  1. Thanks Richard, My moan was promoted by several things. All be it rather topical. At least I can assume Beth works and is i gather an active part of our community. As is my mother who is also a Foreign national and came to this country form Greece about 40 years ago.
    I think you know very well that in recent years, the people that are coming over here are not interested in adding to country, merely to take what they can from our all ready over stretched health service and live of our benefits. And these are the people I was referring to!
    For example, my mother in law works in a doctors in Basingstoke and she told me last week that they see daily, people walking into the surgery who cannot speak a word of English and have prob been in this country less the 48 hours, and they area expecting full dental and health care. That is the sort of immigrant we could do without in my opinon.

    Maybe I should correct myself and ommit the “all” from my post. Beth and my Mother add to our country by working, paying taxes, adding to the community etc. They have not just come here to blag all they can!

    Hope the move is going well
    Take care

  2. Yes, seen you’ve changed it thanks.

    The trouble is that as it is such an emotive issue people tend to make statements like you did originally, quite justly upset when they believe that somebody is taking something of theirs unjustly.

    However I think it is important that we don’t forget to acknowledge the positive contriubution made in the UK by large numbers of immigrants like Beth and your Mum, who weren’t born in the UK, but who have come to the UK to work. Indeed, the education system relies a lot on foreign nationals to fill all the roles, for example the supply teacher agency that Beth worked for when she first arrived actively recruits from countries like Canada and Australia because there aren’t the UK nationals willing to do the job, especially in London. Equally, our overstretched Health Service relies on foreign nationals because they can’t recruit enough staff from the UK – indeed it is only thanks to immigrant doctors that we have out of hours Doctor cover, as so many of the UK doctors withdrew from out of hours cover when it was made optional. Looking at the recent influx from the new EU countries, recently I saw an interview with a hotel owner on the South Coast who was very happy because as a result his hotel was fully staffed for the first time in years.

    The problem is that for a number of years we have had a really negative attitude to the whole topic of immigration, focusing on those who abuse the system, rather than complaining over the scandal of the highly qualified refugee doctors and engineers whose skills we waste, or remembering the numbers of legal and legitimate immigrants whose contribution is in doing the jobs that British workers are unwilling or unable to do themselves.

  3. Oh I dont for one moment disagree that there are a large number of immigrats who’s presence in the uk has a positve benefit. I was merely saying that as the press reports so vivildy we have more and more people coming to this country with the mindset of getting everything the can and give nothing back!

    It is those “type” of people that evoke such a strong emotional reaction form myslef and many other people

    No offence is meant, so please dont take any. we all have own opinons, this was merely mine that I was expressing on a day when I couldnt see the positve side of anything!

  4. No offence taken. 🙂

    Also worth saying that on a personal level Beth usually regards it with amusement that people forget that she’s not British and takes it as an example of how welcoming and inclusive people have been since she arrived. From the rest of your post at the time it was pretty obvious that you were having a lousy day and just letting off steam too, which is why I tried to keep my original posting pretty light in tone. In actual fact the only reason I posted it here is because your blog won’t allow me to post a comment any more! 😥

  5. Oh I dont know why my blog wont allow you to post any comments! certainly nothing I did intentionally – how bizarre!!!

    Yes it was just a day when doing a tiny simply thing like paying a cheque into the bank was like trying to launch a Rocket into space. And Likewise, everyone in Sunny Basingstoke that afternoon seem to be from planet moron! But Hey Ho and Ho Hum in the words of Winnie the Pooh!

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