Another Switcher

It’s starting to look like Microsoft might have a problem on their hands. Catching up with Mike Roberts blog it looks like he too is switching platforms. He’s yet another techie I’ve found who thinks that Microsoft have lost the plot with Vista.

I have heard Mike speak at conferences, and he is probably most well known for being behind CruiseControl a tool that provides automated continuous build functionality, and that I used in my previous job. However don’t think that he’s stopping .NET development – not at all, he’s doing it under Parallels on the Mac!

3 thoughts on “Another Switcher”

  1. I’m not keen enough on Vista to be upgrading, but nor am I going to switch. I’m sticking with XP, will be advising my employers to do so (since the dev tools don’t work), and will probably advise my family to do so too.

  2. And Scoble has posted about a company where all of the development staff are using Mac’s because Parallels enables them to test against Mac, Windows and Linux on the one box. What is somewhat more worrying for Microsoft though is that since they are using Macs, they don’t use .Net for development…

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