ARGH! I Hate House Moves

So, with us having returned the final set of enquiries, signed the contract at the weekend, and Beth about to start talking to moving companies, essentially ready to exchange, earlier this evening we had a shock phone call from the agent – our buyers have pulled out.

According to the agent they said that some friends who were also selling have been let down by their buyers so they’ve withdrawn from the purchase on our house to buy their friends house instead. Of course that leaves us in a total mess as the other people in the chain like us are pretty well ready to go, just a couple of queries to sort out, and now we’ve got to back to square one with finding a new buyer for our house. The agent was being realistic – he is going to phone the others on the chain and ask them to wait, but equally they could decide to go back to the market for a new buyer. Just one of the problems with the current purchase system in England – we can get almost to the end of the process, everybody having spent a lot of money on surveys and the like, and people are still free to walk away.

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