Wohoo, Got the Sparkle Back!

If like me you had Volume Logic installed into iTunes, despite the new toys in the recent iTunes 7 update, the biggest issue would have been the fact that the update broke Volume Logic.

If you’ve never heard the difference, you’re probably wondering what the issue is, but believe me, you can hear the difference between a track playing with and without the plug-in activated. Without, the sound is pretty flat, probably the best description I can think of to describe how it sounds with the plug-in turned on and the right set-up selected (there are multiple set-ups for different types of music) is that it just sparkles.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping an eye on the Volume Logic site, as they’ve gone through a private beta process trying to nail down and fix the problem. The annoyance is that although there has been generally positive response, there has been a significant group of beta testers who have hit problems, and the public beta is still on hold.

However, in an attempt to find out if there were any more details on what is going on, I did a search on Google, and came up with this page that includes a copy of the private beta, together with a link for reporting bugs, so I’ve given it a go, and so far it seems to be working fine, and suddenly all my music has got it’s sparkle back!

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