West Wing – President Bartlett takes on Dr Jacobs

We’ve been enjoying our regular Sunday night dose of the West Wing as Channel 4 re-runs the entire series from the beginning. This week, we had the third episode of the second season, covering the Mid-terms. It also contains one of the classic oft remembered moments from the series, with a great performance from Martin Sheen.

President Bartlett has been obsessing over the first opponent he beat in an election, who looks likely to win an election to a local school board, with Toby asking him how he beat his opponent, and Bartlett being unsure. There is also a reception for talk radio hosts going on in the White House. In a break from awaiting the mid-term results, the President goes to speak to the talk radio reception, but to the concern of his staff goes off topic in spectacular style when the behaviour of one of the guests does not follow protocol.

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