Confirmation that Tennant is Leaving Doctor Who?

We got back from Canada to what is possibly confirmation that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the next series – Beth being a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company had a copy of their 2008 brochure sitting waiting, confirming this Daily Mail story from July, David Tennant is to play Hamlet, and also, somewhat ironically appear as Berowne in Love’s Labour’s Lost, the play at the centre of the Shakespeare Code. The Royal Shakespeare Company issue publicity to their members a month or so before publicity is generally released – so the productions aren’t even listed on their website yet.

Since his performances run from July 24th to November 15th 2008 it seems unlikely that he will be able to film for Doctor Who unless the BBC were willing to do some significant rescheduling.

Having said that, he’s not the only TV sci-fi star appearing in the productions, playing Claudius alongside David Tennant will be none other than Patrick Stewart. Tennant and Stewart together on stage – I guess I might just have to join Beth when she goes up to see that one…

Update: An interesting news release from the BBC today describes as unconfirmed that Tennant will play Hamlet – although obviously the Royal Shakespeare Company members have been told otherwise.

However the news that he will be appearing in three specials during 2009, whilst he is at the RSC, with full scale Doctor Who production resuming in 2009 for a 2010 series does hold out the prospect, even if they aren’t fully confirming that he will appear in the 2010 series, that Tennant is not leaving, and the BBC are adapting their schedules to accommodate him. I can’t see that the BBC would want to deliberately rest one of their top rated, and most financially successful series for any other reason as to accommodate their star – so I can certainly see Tennant climbing up from his position as 24th most influential person in the recent Media Guardian List if that is what has happened!

Update 2: Questioned after winning an award at the TV Quick/TV Choice awards Tennant will neither confirm or deny whether he will be appearing in the series in 2010.

2 thoughts on “Confirmation that Tennant is Leaving Doctor Who?”

  1. this further confirms the rumors going around that david tennant will leave at the end of series 4. he is having to turn down a lot of hollywood movies, because of his filming commitments to dr who

  2. i know he has got to leave eventually, but surely the BBC wont want to loose David as he has been voted the best doctor? i’ll say one thing- i feel sorry for the next person replacing him because he definitely wont beat him!

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