Canada Pictures

Canadian Falls by Night

I’ve just finished uploading my pictures from our recent trip to Canada. Beth has another set from her camera that will be uploaded to her Flickr account over the next couple of days.

Currently all of mine are in a single set, but as with our earlier trip I’ll probably break down the three hundred or so pictures into more manageable sets too. I’ll also post about some of our adventures – including the float plane that took six attempts to get into the air…

As a quick overview, the first group are pictures taken at the family wedding which was the main reason for our trip, then pictures of Toronto. After that we spent a couple of days up at Parry Sound, and finally we finished off the trip at Niagara Falls.

Update: Beth’s pictures can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Canada Pictures”

  1. You guys were right in my neck of the woods. I live just an hour and a half south of Toronto. 🙂 Did you guys manage to take in Niagara on the Lake while visiting Niagara Falls? It’s the perfect little (tourist) town. Very quaint indeed.

  2. Yes – we drove the whole length of the Niagara Parkway, so the pictures of the Toronto skyline across the lake are taken from a park in Niagara on the Lake. Unfortunately with the crazy parking in the town itself, and our reservation at the Skylon Tower we didn’t have time to walk back into the town centre to explore – maybe on our next visit!

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