Dolly Varden at St James’

Dolly Varden

Following on from the concert by the MacGregors earlier in the month, last night we had a similar evening, this time with Dolly Varden (well most of them – Matt the drummer isn’t on this tour) a band based in Chicago.

In terms of number of attendees it was almost identical to the number of people who came along to the previous concert, but with almost no overlap. Aside from us and another couple of people who helped out with the MacGregors there were only two people who attended both concerts.

Music wise Dolly Varden are somewhat different too – and equally difficult to categorise. There is a good deal of country influence, but equally hints of rock creeping in there too. Having said that it was great show and a great way to spend a Tuesday evening. Indeed we even came away with three of their albums bought after the show!

The band definitely seem to be on a whistle-stop tour. They had come to us from a concert the night before in Leeds, and the day before had been in Edinburgh. From us they were heading for Wales via London before some of the band head on to another concert in Spain. Speaking to a couple of the band members they had concerts every night for the entire tour and to some extent had had no chance to catch their breath since arriving from the US.

I took a few pictures of the show, and also a whole load of video clips. The pictures are available in our photo gallery as usual – the video hit somewhat of a snag in that I’ve got slightly too much footage for YouTube so I’m going to need to do a bit of re-editing to fit in with their length requirements. Rather than cut it I may well edit it into two sequences rather than just the one. Hopefully that should be posted within the next couple of days.

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