Best Laid Plans

I always remember growing up some of the more stressful moments my parents had dealing with Church stuff, especially when it came to the joys of doing anything to the fabric of the Church – indeed even now we have conversations about the problems with our respective buildings and dealing with the Church politics around them.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before we are in the process of planning a project to undertake major work to conserve the fabric of our crumbling building. The planned start date has been put back on a couple of occasions, and is scheduled to start at the beginning of January 2008 – all we needed was the official permission from the relevant authorities. We’d put in the paperwork and got a few apparently straightforward questions back, and everything seemed on target – however as with all the best laid plans, reading my e-mails tonight it seems the questions are rather more involved than first thought… I can feel a long PCC coming on next week… 🙁

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