As a result of my the variable service intervals on the car, it is always a bit of a surprise when it announces it needs a service. To get around that, it will usually come up with a warning that one is coming up. A couple of weeks ago, the Golf announced that it would need a service in 3000 miles – no problem, on my current mileage that will be sometime next year. A while later this dropped to 2900, 2800 and latterly to 2700. When I started it up this morning it was saying 2700 miles, and all I did was take it down to Microsoft in Reading, which is urban roads and a couple of miles of motorway, came back to it tonight and with a fanfare (well an annoying dinging really) it announced that it needed a service now. Not quite sure what happened to it during the day to bring it on, but anyway, hopefully I can get it booked in next week.

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