Embarrassing the Sales Assistant

Had an interesting time in a certain large store in Reading earlier today. I was in getting a cable for my iPod, and was in the queue behind a couple who were trying to return their recently purchased laptop because it had Vista on it and not XP. The sales assistant was very much trying to persuade them not to return it by telling them that they couldn’t get a machine with XP any more, and how they’d have to buy second hand, and so on and so forth.

To be absolutely blunt, that is rubbish – what he was actually saying is that his store wouldn’t sell them a new machine with XP. At that point I cut in and said that it was still possible to find a machine with XPDell being probably the best known example of a manufacturer still doing so (albeit to a limited extent), and the example I gave.

At this point the sales assistant looked shifty, and started ringing up the refund, before remembering that they had some similar laptops in their sale that were still running XP. Must have just slipped his mind I guess!

2 thoughts on “Embarrassing the Sales Assistant”

  1. To be fair to the sales associate I’m sure he was under immense pressure from “up top” to not let people return their Vista computers. I’ve worked on the other side of the sales counter before and the bosses never like taking returns, especially ones where they have to refund moeny or exchange equipment. But still, Microsoft needs to do something quickly. SP1 is on the horizon, but from everything I’ve read it doesn’t seem to address most of the major concerns (like hard drive and network access speeds). I ran Vista for just over 4 months before throwing my hands up and “upgrading” back to XP.

  2. We are about to buy a Dell but annoyingly very few of the machines still offer XP as an alternative and those that do charge an additional £50 as you can only get ‘XP Professional’
    In order to get the machine we want it looks like Vista and getting 2gig of ram so it actually works, Grrrrrrrr

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