“Surprise” Return?

The trailer for Doctor Who next week started showing tonight – I notice that aside from a fully lit shot (for that see the Sun) – they are not bothering to try and hide the “surprise” return of Davros much any more…

Also from the flashes of faces in the trailer, it does look like this is going to be a three-way crossover between Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures – whether it will be brief cameos or something more we’ll have to see, but with that many people, and a load of returning characters from the main series I doubt there will be a lot of screen time for many of them.

Fingers crossed that in amongst the cross overs and guest stars RTD left room for a decent plot – it has got Graeme Harper directing which is a plus, and the trailer looks good though…

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  1. Hello!

    The rumours are that the very final episode in it’s first TV edit was over 120 minutes long, which is very worrying. I personally feel that given it’s status as the last episode for a long time that the BBC should allow them to stray outside of 45 minutes or as commented above the 3 different shows clashing into one may mean the plot is buried. As for the actual crossover I reckon they could feature Cpt Jack to the same degree as he was in series one finale and Sarah Jayne alot less. The doctor who brand is split three ways, kids know SJ and adults Torchwood and then some just know Doctor Who.

    To me the whole Dalek attack and Davros isn’t too big. I did find myself saying… Oh I wonder which alien will be in the finale….. and given the critics went crazy over alternative Davros, ie the Emperor and Sec, it was so surprise that Davros would be this season’s big cheese.

    (Ahead may be some spoilers for those who have not taken what I would consider to be the more obvious hints in previous episodes, if you do not wish to know stop now and forever hold your peas, frozen, mushy or garden, I don’t mind)

    To me the interesting bit is Donna is going to die, and so is Rose, and Martha…..well who cares… but yes, it’s been made pretty clear that Rose acting in paradox has seen Donna’s death from last weeks episode and I was reminded yesterday that way back in Satan’s pit the beast told Rose she would die in battle, which just like Bad Wolf was another clever double meaning.

    My theory is that the Doctor will actually kill Rose by causing a paradox too big by saying her name in desperation after he has lost Donna. It’s a shame but since we have found out Bad Wolf, and Rose is back and all three shows are involved, I can’t help thinking the big ending will wipe the slate clean and for some reason there will be a very good explanation as to why we won’t see the doctor for a while and the whole brand will start as fresh with no assistants coming back or prophecies unfulfilled.

    There may be a new Doctor, there may be a few old ones, there may even be a sibling joining up for the ride, or indeed an investigative journalist from the early nineteenth century, but as long as they don’t have the tenth doctor killed in the cross fire of a san francisco gun fight, I don’t really mind how they do it…..

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