Christmas Pictures

I’ve uploaded a few pictures of our family Christmas get together to Flickr, including quite a few pictures that will probably leave Lucy with a Christmas tree phobia for life… Unfortunately the sleeping bag is a little big for her now, and will be way too small come next year…

Also as a special treat for those amongst you who have only ever seen her asleep (at least one friend of Beth’s jokingly says that they doubt that Lucy really exists because she’s always asleep) a bit of movie footage of an awake and moving Lucy!

Tonight Thank God It’s Them…

This is a little tribute to any Youth Leader, who having been asked to contribute to some Church event, has found themselves on stage with a number of semi-unwilling members of their youth group, feeling like they’re doing a solo, and yet somehow managed to pull it together in the end.

As a background to this clip, this was filmed at our village concert, and the Youth Group decided to sing a song which they had done as part of a Christmas production they had put on in aid of the Congo appeal a few days before. Prior to this they’ve been having real problems with the backing track, and as our clip commences, the backstage guys have just about got it sorted.

Tonight Thank God It’s Them, Instead of You from Richard Peat on Vimeo.

All credit to Cathy, the youth leader here for keeping it going as it all starts to go horribly wrong…

Buy this Record

So are you fed up with X-Factor winners getting the Christmas number one spot? How about this as an alternative?

This is the latest album from Voces8, who we went to see in concert on Tuesday night, and who were fantastic! The group is run by two brothers, Barney and Paul, who are also the sons of a couple of friends at Church, the concert on Tuesday being a fundraiser for the St James’ conservation appeal. Paul has said that he’s been offered odds of 25 to 1 on actually getting a Christmas number one, but he’s hopeful to do well in the classical chart. To buy or download from Amazon click the picture above, for which we get a small referal fee. Alternatively you can also pick up a copy of the album or the single from iTunes.