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The Camberley Obelisk

The Camberley Obelisk

One of the spots I like to head to on my lunchtime walks if I don’t have time to head up to the RMA Sandhurst training area is this place, the Camberley Obelisk.

As I’ve mentioned when I’ve posted pictures of it before, it’s largely unknown now, since it is significantly shorter than it once was, and is hidden away in a copse surrounded by houses. As you can see from the picture it’s not overly well looked after either and has a good deal of graffiti.

If you look closely you’ll see some of the graffiti is from a surprising source – the local house church. Whether it’s a deliberate policy there are always loads of flyers for the church left around up there – maybe they think the other people who head up there (there are plenty of broken glass bottles up there too) are in need of salvation?

A Favourite Haunt of the Local House Church

The tower itself is now merely a hollow brick shell – although it does give the opportunity to try out some interesting shots with the new iPhone 4S HDR mode…

A Hollow Tower