Trumpington Vicar to be Sacked

I’ve commented a number of times about the ongoing difficulties in Trumpington – we now have the results of the tribunal, a recommendation that Tom Ambrose be removed as vicar of the parish. Not surprisingly this has provoked some discussion. Dave Walker has posted an item about it, including a quote from the comment section … Continue reading Trumpington Vicar to be Sacked

Trumpington Update

The Trumpington story that I commented on here and here continues to get press coverage. Thanks to a link to my original posting from a discussion on the topic at Ship of Fools, I came across a posting by Etheldreda on the topic which links to another Cambridge Evening News article that includes a long … Continue reading Trumpington Update

Churchwardens Anonymous

So yesterday I found myself in the Church hall in Shinfield, with about fifty other people – a variety of ages and backgrounds. One by one we stood up and introduced ourselves – “I’m Richard from St James’, Finchampstead, and I am a Churchwardenâ€?… It was the annual Churchwarden training day laid on by the … Continue reading Churchwardens Anonymous

Clergy Against Laity

Last week I posted about the growing media interest in the goings on at St Mary and St Michael in Trumpington. The Church Times this week carries a more detailed report, which gives a bit more insight into what is going on. Tom Ambrose, the vicar at the centre of the arguments is quoted as … Continue reading Clergy Against Laity

Is This a Good Use of £500,000?

Reading through “Of Course I Could Be Wrong…” I came across this story taken from the Cambridge Evening News about the parish of St Mary and St Michael in Trumpington who are trying to take their vicar, Rev Tom Ambrose to an Ecclesiastical Tribunal claiming that there has been a pastoral breakdown in the parish. … Continue reading Is This a Good Use of £500,000?