Taizé BBQ

These are pictures from the afternoon of the rather wet BBQ for participants in the Taizé Pilgramage 2004. Includes some shots in and around the church building.

The images on this site have been downsampled to 640×480, if anyone would like copies of the originals at 1600×1200, drop me an e-mail.

Sweeny and Todds Pie Shop

We went out for a meal with some work friends of Beth’s. They took us to Sweeny and Todds Pie Shop, which is in Castle Street in Reading. It’s a slight strange place, at the front it is like a shop, but up a flight of steps after the counter is a small bar and tables and chair, and then down in the cellar are more tables. It is totally unlike most of the eateries in Reading nowadays, which are all the fairly standard modern places, especially in the Oracle. The food is all home made, and great, and the place certainly seems popular.

Beth Texting Drinks Water

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