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TV News


So Robin Hood has been given a second series – which we were slightly surprised at. There have been some seriously groan inducing moments (the I Shot the Sheriff joke in episode three being particularly bad), and some decidedly modern looking costumes at times. Having said that, I doubt that this is really a concern. Whilst Robin of Sherwood was aiming for gritty and authentic in terms of production design, this Robin Hood seems to be aiming much more for the old style swashbuckling version of the legend, more concerned with crowd pleasing at the expense of trying to be accurate. To date it has been fairly entertaining, and finally as of “The Taxman Comethâ€? and “Brothers in Armsâ€? the Sheriff is starting to come across as a lot more chilling.

Other TV news includes the not unsurprising revelation that ratings for the debut of Lost on Sky One have fallen by more than one million. Certainly my parents who although they were avid viewers of the series on Channel 4, and have terrestrial digital aren’t going to go out and get Sky. Certainly it will be interesting to see if there is an increased uptake of the DVD releases… As to our opinion of the first two episodes that were shown in the UK last week, we haven’t actually got around to watching them. What with my trip to the US last week, and a busy week for Beth this week, we haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch!

Oh, and one final revelation that will surprise nobody, after being hammered by Big Brother 7, (Celebrity) Love Island has been put out of it’s misery and will not be returning. With ratings this year down on last, and half that of Big Brother, I doubt ITV could afford the expense…

All Over for Another Year


So last night Big Brother came to an end for another year. Davina McCall managed to make it through too, despite being due to give birth in three weeks.

Thanks to the Sky+ we probably saw a lot more of this series than in previous years, although like most people we were pretty sure from the first week that Pete was going to win.

There were significantly more housemates this year too, with a total of twenty-two appearing at some point. Interestingly only twenty of them actually appeared on the final show thanks to Sezer having been arrested on a rape charge, and Dawn having been ejected for breaking the rules and subsequently fallen out with the producers.

In some ways it got more entertaining in the final couple of weeks – whilst like many I wasn’t overly impressed with the idea of putting in returning housemates, it has to be said the problems Big Brother had keeping control once they’d done so was quite amusing. Despite the return of Nikki, the final week proved to be pretty enjoyable, with highlights being Pete’s private nightclub, and Glyn taking advantage of the Welsh speaking Big Brother to get Nikki to repeat something that didn’t quite match up with what she wanted to say.

I’m certainly of the opinion that there were rather too many twists this year, and definitely think that they maybe need to change things around a bit for next year.

Having said that, the final was good, with only really another cringing exit from the house by Nikki being a low spot – does anyone else think she seriously needs to see a psychiatrist? Having said that, the results were never really in much doubt, with Pete picking up over 61% of the final vote.

Certainly it will be interesting to see what happens to Pete now – although I’m sure we’ll see him and a few of the housemates around on TV for the next year or so – at least until the next lot of hopefuls enter the house in summer 2007 when it all starts again.

Multiple Voting

So it seems that we didn’t need to vote quite so many times for Sezer as we did… As anybody who saw tonight’s Big Brother, we weren’t alone in wanting him out, in fact a record-breaking proportion of the audience – 91.6% – wanted him out too… But then Beth was really determined. The combination of the regular chauvinist comments, and all round cockiness in thinking all the women would want to keep him in (I bet he hadn’t even packed his case), annoyed Beth to the point that for the first time she actually wanted to vote in an eviction!

How Many Housemates Does It Take?

Ok, I confess it, I’ve got the Big Brother highlights show set up on the Sky+… I guess I should insert some pitiful excuse as to why I’ve got the daddy of all the car crash TV reality shows set up to record, but I won’t bother – it’s just one of these shows that is at various times addictive, frustrating, and even entertaining.

What is quite amazing this year is the rate with which they are getting through housemates. Having started off with two more than usual, they Shahbaz walking out within five days, Dawn officially being ejected (although she wanted to go anyway) and now being on hunger strike for her footage, then the first proper eviction on Friday, no sooner have they put in two new housemates, do we find George walking out. At this rate I doubt if there will be anybody left by the end of the run!

Of course if you’re really keen to join the house, the Big Brother Golden Ticket competition is hotting up – and you don’t even need to eat a chocolate bar to get a ticket – a quick scan on eBay will find a number of the tickets up for sale.

Having said that, there is a certain irony to George’s reasons for walking out – I mean how many of the ex-housemates from previous years are still in the public eye?