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Another Blue Peter Scandal

Apparently after faking the results of one competition, it has been revealed that producers of Blue Peter have again deceived the public with a story that their new cat, Socks, wasn’t the name that was selected in an online poll.

Having said that, dig into the story a little bit, and you’ll actually find it was because the poll selected an unsuitable name. Amusingly few of the articles have actually said what the unsuitable name actually is. Expecting something shocking, I came across this Times article which drops the following hint:

Socks was the name chosen for the Blue Peter cat by the programme’s producers, although insiders said that the decision was taken because the most common name selected – a variant on Puss – was deemed to be inappropriate.

The Sun has no problem revealing the name.

Having found out what the name actually is, I do think that you’ll find that there were a good few non-viewers who voted for that for a laugh. As to it being inappropriate, and the fact that neither the BBC online service or the broadsheets are reporting the actual name, it is ironic to consider that thirty years ago prime-time BBC comedy series Are You Being Served used the same name as the basis for a running gag… How times have changed!

Update: The BBC have now released a statement claiming that the name that won the poll that wasn’t used was Cookie – quite why producers changed the vote and went for Socks instead I don’t know. The Times is still quoting the original story attributing it to BBC staff – but also quoting that the corporation is officially saying ‘Cookie’. Digital Spy is saying that it is because Socks was considered a more suitable name for a kitten. On what basis is Cookie considered inappropriate for a children’s programme or less suitable for a kitten than Socks? Certainly I’ve known several people who have used one or other of the names for pets before and not had any concerns about the names being inappropriate for their children. Very strange…

A Daytime Picture of our Watcher

Ebony Sitting by the Door

So it seems that our night-time watcher has taken to sitting by our door during the day too…

I snapped off this picture of Ebony, the cat from two doors down as I got home this evening. Beth confirmed that she’d been curled up like this outside our house an hour before too. Certainly it seems like she is pretty comfortable to snooze here, despite it being a pretty open spot. Having said that, we’re not quite sure why she finds this particular spot so attractive, as there aren’t any warm pipes or anything like that which we are aware of. Maybe it’s just one of these cat fad moments, and in a week or two she’ll find somewhere new to sleep…

Being Watched?

Being Watched

Coming in and out of our house at night, we’ve been getting the strangest feeling that we’re being watched. There have also been strange scuffling noises close to the door too.

At first I thought that maybe our previous nocturnal visitor had returned, but no, a deft bit of surprise camera work with the mobile phone, and we get some evidence. True it’s much like the blurry indistinct evidence you often get when someone claims to have seen something strange, but anyway, we have our culprit.

It seems that Ebony, the jet black cat who lives two doors down has decided that sitting between the front doors of our house and next door is the ideal spot to hide out in the dark, especially as her colour makes her really difficult to spot in the dark!

Cats Love Macs

Catching up with the Unofficial Apple Weblog tonight, they had a great little article that highlighted the ‘Cats Love Macs‘ group on Flickr – just the kind of group for Mac owners who are cat lovers too…

The contents of the group are essentially what it says on the tin – loads of pictures of cats with Macs, and there are some great shots there.

However, my favourite has to be this one by khirano.

Strike a Pose

Sophie Strikes a Pose

Now I have to say that I’ve been trying for a while to get a picture of Sophie in one of her more weird poses for a while – and usually by the time I’ve grabbed a camera she’s moved.

However tonight I finally succeeded, and if you look closely I’ve even got her yawning too!

This is a bit of a favourite spot for her, well in fact most places on the landing are favourite spots as the cupboard behind her contains the hot water tank, and most of the hot water pipes for the heating run out from this cupboard under the floor.

Now I really can’t understand why this is a comfortable position in which to sleep!