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Sick Cat

Sophie on the Sofa

So this week we finally got a diagnosis for what is wrong with Sophie, our cat – and the diagnosis also could explain some of the other bits of her behaviour too.

The reason we had taken her along to the vets was because for the third time in the last year or so she had again had a session of repeatedly vomiting for no apparent reason. Now like most cats she has vomiting sessions, usually after eating grass, or having eaten her food too quickly, but these have been a little different. Usually she hasn’t been outside, or eaten anything recently, she just starts vomiting, does so several times over an hour or so, and then is absolutely fine. However when the vet takes a look at her, the only symptom is a slightly elevated temperature. Alongside that she has also been drinking a lot of water (and she will only drink from the sink in the bathroom), and has been loosing weight, despite eating her normal levels of wet food. Anyway, after the most recent visit, the vet suggested doing some blood tests, and now we actually have a diagnosis.

Sophie is suffering from Feline Hyperthyroidism, which explains the weight loss, the vomiting and the thirst. Hyperactivity is also a symptom, which maybe explains some of the dashing around the house and howling that we’ve previously put down to her quirky personality.

Currently she is on a selection of pills to stabalise her thyroid gland, before a decision on treatment is made in a couple of weeks. The choices are much the same as the human equivalent, either radiotherapy, or surgery to remove the thyroid. Radiotherapy will involve Sophie spending three weeks at a specialist in London, whilst the surgery can be performed locally, so currently, assuming she checks out in a couple of weeks, it may be the surgery.

Having said that, we’re really rather gald that we took out pet insurance on Sophie, as the bill for even getting to the diagnosis stage is the best part of £1000!

Cat Communication

Sophie 1

Reading Wil Shipley’s blog today it seems that his cats have been taking lessons from Sophie over making a fuss.

This morning, the word on the street (where the street is actually the foot of my bed) was that, sometime late last night, the cat food bowl ran almost empty.

This news was imparted to me with such urgency that I assumed it must have been meant for a much wider distribution, as if my fuzzy friends had used their super-keen senses to detect an imminent earthquake or another global-warming-induced hurricane.

It is well-known, of course, that cats can die to death from not eating for six hours. Or, in this case, from having to eat the kibble bits left on the bottom of the bowl, which is clearly less desirable, else why would it be left over? It was the kibble found wanting, and to have to eat it would be tantamount to death, at least.

We’re having a similar problem with Sophie at the moment. Like a lot of pets she is very much a creature of habit, and will start to get quite vocal if she doesn’t get fed at her usual times, don’t do things the way we usually do (for example when we go on holiday). On a usual day she expects food at about 6am, goes off and goes to sleep when we would usually leave for work, is sat on the stairs or behind the door when we get home, and in the evening it is demanding food for around 10pm.

However, this past week we have had the annual problem caused by the clock change, which of course she doesn’t cope with at all, so she’s decided that if we haven’t got up and fed her at 5am that we should be and she starts complaining. In the evening from about 7:30pm now she is trying to trip you up if you go anywhere near the kitchen, I assume on the basis that since we forgot to feed her until an hour later the night before, we need to be reminded early. In general we’re getting a lot of complaining because we’ve changed our schedule.

Matters are made somewhat worse by the fact that we’ve recently been shutting her out of our room at night, since she took to sleeping either on top of Beth, or wedged in on the end of her pillow, rather than on the end of the bed where Sophie had slept before – so we get pretty vocal complaining about that too. Remind me again, why is it that we have a pet?