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New Pictures

I’ve had a bit of a binge on sorting out pictures tonight that I took last week at the Choir Swimming Party and Barbecue, and also the shots I took of the Church Fete today.

Both events went well, and on the first couple of outings for our new normal digital camera (as opposed to the phone camera) I’m pretty impressed with the results – take a look at some of the action shots of the junior choir jumping in the pool!

We came back from the fete with a great big gas barbecue (something Beth has been wanting for a while) which we got at about half price in the silent auction. Heaven knows where we are going to put it, we’ll have to get a shed or something!

I also happened to be around when one of the gazebo’s took off and flew towards the car park – it seems someone didn’t quite set it up properly and failed to attach the guy ropes to the base…