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Wight mess for Atlantic bid boat

I came across Robin Lovelock through Geocaching – his place in the history of the hobby is secure for reasons I won’t go into here, but he popped up on the radio and TV news this last week talking about his bid to send an unmanned boat across the Atlantic. University and company groups are also trying and failing, but in classic style he is putting forward a one man bid against the big boys with a £450 boat. With the TV companies watching he launched the boat from Hampshire, the next stop being the Bahamas. Unfortunately it made landfall somewhat sooner than expected…

An unmanned boat has crashed into rocks off the Isle of Wight hours after it was launched in a bid to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Retired Nato scientist Robin Lovelock’s 5ft (1.5m) boat Snoopy Sloop set sail from the Hampshire coast on Tuesday. But its tracking system placed it […]

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